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    Paclitaxel ranks first among world's anti-cancer drugs Marketing Articles | February 28 [url=]Dante Pettis Kids Jersey[/url] , 2012

    Since 2006, the annual total sales of the natural raw materials paclitaxel injection and semi-synthetic paclitaxel injection paclitaxel reached $ 3.7 billion in international market. It ranks top one in international anti-cancer drugs.

    After listing in 1992, paclitaxel has been warmly welcomed by the medical profession. The record of annual sales is more than two hundred million U.S. dollars. In the seventh year, global market sales have exceeded $ 1 billion. Thus, the taxol create a sales miracle of a single preparation of the plant anti-cancer drugs [url=]Mike McGlinchey Kids Jersey[/url] , even if the other plants listed earlier anti-cancer drugs, with sales so far, only more than two hundred million U.S. dollars.

    So far, the international market, only two kinds of paclitaxel bulk drugs: one from a variety of yew bark; another is extracted from ornamental yew branches in Europe 10-berry red mold base [url=]Matt Breida Kids Jersey[/url] , and then by the semi-synthetic made, namely docetaxel, its structure and natural extract is very similar to paclitaxel. These two bulk drugs are the best-selling API products in the international pharmaceutical market, and a long period of short supply, according to estimates [url=]George Kittle Kids Jersey[/url] , sales of paclitaxel and docetaxel drug substance ratio of about 10:1.

    Taxol anticancer drugs are the hospital of choice in the world. The incidence of tumors of the world in recent years has increased more than 10 years ago, nearly double the lung, breast and ovarian cancer and other malignant tumors also showed multiple trends, the main users of these are paclitaxel in cancer patients. Generally speaking, prior to take its place in no kind of plant anticancer drug paclitaxel sales will only rise [url=]Jimmy Garoppolo Kids Jersey[/url] , not fall.

    According to the latest figures released by the World Health Organization, the United States has now become the world's first cancer-prone countries, and its new cancer cases each year 1.4 million people, accounting for the 14% of the global cancer patients. The United States has still paclitaxel largest consumer. U.S. cancer incidence rates have increased, the main drug of paclitaxel against advanced cancer [url=]Jerry Rice Kids Jersey[/url] , you can believe that its sales will continue to maintain the chia seed momentum of rapid increase. United States and other developed countries in the ten years of clinical use of the process already summed up a set of Taxol and other anticancer drugs, the best compatibility program, its medical department has been inseparable from paclitaxel, therefore, the demand for paclitaxel The amount also was a corresponding rise in the trend.

    In recent years [url=]Joe Montana Kids Jersey[/url] , the use of paclitaxel in the medical device is also favored. U.S. medical device manufacturers in the development of a paclitaxel-eluting stent for the treatment of severely blocked coronary patients. This new drug-eluting stents to prevent blood lipids re-deposition in the formation of a new blockage of the stent surface, which can greatly improve the life of the pharmaceutical raw materials stent. Because this drug-eluting stent has become the best-selling products to international involvement in the treatment of medical devices on the market, it was predicted that paclitaxel was introduced to the medical device industry will greatly exacerbated by the international pharmaceutical industry intensified paclitaxel battle degree.

    The reason that why paclitaxel can not be further expanded is related with the low content in yew bark. Basically every 10,000 kg of yew bark can extract 1 kg of paclitaxel. This mode of production is bound to destroy the valuable forest resource yew bark which is endangered. But the good news is that the long-term shortage of paclitaxel deadlock is improving. A few years ago, some foreign manufacturers already successful develop the cell culture batch cultivation of yew bark cells. Italy [url=]49ers Mitch Wishnowsky Jersey[/url] , the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other Western countries are engaged in the cell culture production of taxol. Source:http:www.cospcn

    Article Tags: Anti-cancer Drugs, United States, Medical Device

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