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  • 07 settembre 2019 14:59:32 CEST
    Legendz XL the man is Strength Muscles? This man, who for a long time during the sexual arousal has a problem with achieving an erection that allows the ratio or keeping an erection for the duration of intercourse. In addition, have difficulty getting an erection during masturbation as well. Impotence should not be confused with short-term erectile dysfunction, which are normal Other symptoms of impotence is the lack of ejaculation during sexual stimulation or during sexual intercourse and anorgasmia. In addition, if a man is a noticeable lack of satisfaction with sexual intercourse (you can see that it draws on pleasure from sex or, worse, is for him an unpleasant sensation), decrease in sex drive, and even a total lack of desire for sex that lasts a long time, you suspect that he is Strength Muscles. - how to treat impotence? Impotence should be treated depending on the cause. If the erection problems resulting from hormonal, hormonal drugs are administered (e.g., by. Compensate deficiency of testosterone). If cardiovascular disorders - it is recommended that injections in cavernous member body to improve circulation. You can .