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    Monk information

    Regardless of their role in the battle, Monk uses his own fists to show his strength and strengthen his ability with the instinct flowing in his body. Monk has the ability to deal damage to enemies while healing allies. For example, the true air wave.
    Type: Tank, Heal, Melee Damage output.

    Status bar: life, infuriating, energy, mana.
    Available armor: cloth armor, leather armor.
    Available weapons: glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword, long-handled weapon, staff.
    Three poses: Barbarian (tank), Linglong (treatment), and Tiger (DPS).
    Two kinds of statues: the statue of the mysterious cow (tank) and the statue of the dragon (treatment).
    Use an energy system similar to the Stalker, but choose the Linglong style to replace the energy strip with a blue strip. In addition, Monk has a unique resource strip, which is qi.
    Main attributes: Agile (tank and DPS), intelligence (healing).
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    Partial skills
    Shenhe leads the neck kick: casts a roundabout kick in the air, causing 1 physical damage per second to the enemy within 8 yards. The movement speed is reduced by 30%. Lasts 6 seconds.
    Rolling: Rolling forward a short distance.
    Broken Jade Lightning: Guides the shattered jade lightning to the target, causing natural damage within 6 seconds. There is a 15% chance to deal 1 damage when dealing damage.
    Meditation: Reduces all damage taken by you by 90% and grants you the the the the the the the the the the the
    Dichotomy of the soul: Separating the body from the soul and leaving the soul in place.
    Divine Soul: Transfer and soul change positions.

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    Classes symbol
        Flying in the sky: Flying is a very subtle state that can interact in mid-air, such as mining fire cooking or other things, similar to the druid's travel form; but once you enter the battle, you will immediately dismiss the Zen flight. Since it is an instant, you can release this state at any time, or immediately lift off the air to avoid unnecessary battles. Since the Zen flight speed is slower and the battle will be lifted, it will generally find a safe in the air. The place summons the flying mount.
        Cannot be used where it is not possible to summon a flying mount. Not own skills, you need to find NPC to buy props to learn. Rolling: Rolling on the ground can make Monk move fast on the battlefield. If you point out the talent, you can evolve into a true tooth-toothed Zen pilgrimage: read a 10 second strip and send it back to the top or temple, if you don't leave the two places. If you cast it again, you can transfer it to the graveyard near the original location. This reading strip is not interrupted like a hearthstone, so it can be passed away to avoid death and save the cost of repairs and food runes.

        Monk talent
    The Pandaren martial arts masters shared the secrets of ancient martial arts that they passed down from generation to generation to the young warriors of the Alliance and the Horde. By harnessing the power of the heart and using the energy of “infuriating”, Monk can act as any role on the battlefield: injury, defense and healing.