Introduction to Death Knight

  • Introduction to Death Knight

    Class introduction

        The death knight runes are divided into three types, namely, blood runes, frost runes, and evil runes. Two different skills are used to take care of different combinations of runes. There is also a special death rune that is triggered by some skill that consumes the rune, making the cooled rune a death rune that can replace any rune. Now the tedious rune system is simplified, and all runes are unified into one.
        After using the rune skills, the death knight also gains a resource called Rune Energy, which deals some of the skill of the Death Knight. If you do not use rune energy, it will continue to decrease over time. The former death knight has three different auras: blood aura, frost aura and evil aura.
        Each aura can provide different gain effects for the death knight, making it a different player in the battle. Later, the Aura system can no longer switch, but with the current talent changes, it has now been completely removed, and the death knight can only obtain the passive effect provided by the previous Aura by switching talents. Death knights can't just take swords. They can also use axe and hammer. They can also hold one-handed weapons, but they can't use shields.

    The death knight's base camp is a distant fortress. This natural disaster floating city floats on the eastern coast of the Eastern Plaguelands. It was originally set up to destroy the Scarlet Crusade and attack the Holy Light Chapel. Now it is for Supported by the Silver Dawn near the chapel. Its huge shadow is projected above the Chapel of the Light of Hope.
    The Legion invaded the fortress until it reached the Broken Isles and stayed in the waters to the east of the Broken Isles. The Black Front knights could participate in the anti-magic coalition-initiated operations more closely and use the natural disaster air force units such as bone dragons and gargoyles to seize air superiority. The death knights are in friendly relations with the current Lich King, but there is no indication that this relationship will be further deepened or lifted in the future.

        Death and Resurrection As the death knight is usually made by a good warrior or paladin, it usually uses a close combat with the enemy and uses dark magic to enhance the weapon. They used the grip of death to pull enemies into one-on-one battles to force them to shift their attacks on weaker companions. Or use high-injury black magic skills and superb swordsmanship to quickly put your opponent to death. At the same time, because they are made by magic, there is a unique way to defend against magic. Talent has made major changes to the death knight's talent due to the 4.0 version.

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        Skill "Bone marrow division" commonly known as bone beat or rib shield, the same level of 100 talent skills Bone storm called ribs storm can get free of injury within a certain period of time and improve the rapid attributes, each layer of injury consumes a layer of effect, core skills focus monitoring. The skill "Soul Strike" can restore a certain percentage of the damage taken in the previous period and gain a blood shield while causing damage. Because in the early CTM version, the player's attack can superimpose the revenge effect and improve the attack power, which directly leads to the blood death knight becoming the invincible existence of melee. The so-called "only seeing people with binocular flood, full of blood, hoe It is a spiritual hit, which is a true portrayal of the PVP process of the blood death knight. Later, Blizzard had modified the revenge in the 4.3.2 patch, and the PVP battle would not be able to superimpose revenge, which is very popular for most players.