World of Warcraft Death Knight

  • World of Warcraft Death Knight

        The Death Knight is one of the professions in the famous online game World of Warcraft. He used to be a just people and bravely and fearlessly against the darkness, but the evil they confronted was not easily expelled.

        The power of death awakens the hero of death, giving it an almost eternal power, and the death knight is born. These former heroes wore more powerful armor, manipulating the invincible dark magic, and carrying out all the atrocities they had fought against.

        story background
        Hundreds of years ago, the aborigines of the simple and harmonious world of Draenor were a group of orcs who admired the simple shamanism. They lived in this world together with a group of draenes who came to the world to escape the demon chasing through space travel. A distant and friendly relationship until darkness falls.

        The demon swindler who twisted the void, Kil'jaeden, lured the old Shadowmoon clan Shaman Ner'zhul, abandoned the shamanism who advocated the natural elements, became a warlock who used chaotic arcane power, and his cronies were also given a powerful The dark power and let Ner'zhul believe that this power can bring a beautiful future to its people. The power of darkness continues to spread among the various clan, and the simple orc race is gradually driven by the desire of the right to corrupt. The society supported by the heroic warriors and the wise shamans collapses, and the orcs begin to kill the innocent draenei. . At the same time, different clan also stood together under the call of Ner'zhul to form a tribe.

        Although Ner'zhul promoted all of this, he found that among the orcs, cruel atrocities were growing, and they began to reflect on themselves and questioned the glory and peace that the devils admired. Then he was horrified to discover that because of the evils of the orcs, the elements and the spirits of the ancestors refused to help the orcs. So when Kil'jaeden made a new request, Ner'zhul resolutely showed no cooperation. So the devil finds his young but powerful disciple, Gul'dan.

        Gul'dan created the Shadow Council under the devil's instigation, and selected the Blackstone clan's chief black hand as the tribal chief. Under Gul'dan's evil intentions, the orcs drank the blood of the demon, suffered a terrible curse and the power of evil, launched a massacre against the draenei, and then launched through the Dark Portal to Azeroth. Invasion. It was in the invasion of Azeroth that Gul'dan reloaded the souls of the dead warlocks into the body of the dead human warriors. These dead souls revived the terrible darkness and manipulated more powerful than ever. Fel energy. They became the first generation of death knights, a demonic existence, the dark pioneer of the tribe.

        After the Alliance successfully defeated the Horde and closed the Dark Portal, most of the area of ​​Draenor had been severely eroded by the evil spirits, the land died and the vegetation no longer grew. In order to escape from this dying world, Ner'zhul led the remaining clan to reopen the Dark Portal to capture several powerful Azeroth treasures, and opened several portals to the twisted void in Draenor. I hope to escape to a new world through space travel. However, they failed. Kil'jaeden intercepted their transmission from the distorted void. As a punishment against the will of the devil, Ner'zhul and his cronies were deprived of the flesh, but the soul was preserved and tortured intact.

        Ner'zhul, who couldn’t stand the atrocities of the devil, once again compromised, so his soul and the armor of his life were placed in a cold ice that was collected at the end of the twisted void, and was thrown into the Northrend continent in Azeroth. The power of the blasting glacier created a natural fortress. Ner'zhul became the Lich King and will continue to work for the demon, and his cronies are torn into flesh and become a sorcerer. At the same time, the Lich King began to corrupt the human mind and resurrect their bodies. Starting from Arthas, a once noble soldier was given a stronger force of death. They are the second generation of death knights, the terrible commander of the Scourge.

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