WOW: Introduction to the Master

  • WOW: Introduction to the Master

    Signature spell
        Diversion of life - transforming life into mana. Note: Be careful.
    Fear - Let your enemies run away with fear, but each time you release to the same enemy, the effect will be weakened, and any damage can eliminate the fear effect.
    Exile - Exiles the creatures of a demonic or elemental creature into a twisted void so that they can't deal damage to you, and you can't hurt them.
    Chaotic Arrows - WOW Classic Gold horrible, deadly energy arrow made up of shadows and flames, always crit. It can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies and will continue to cause some sustained damage.
    Death entanglement - let the enemy escape because of fear and convert the damage value to 3 times.
    The Kasares Magic - a special effect that can be achieved by completing a legendary mission. Are you interested in the green flames they control when studying the demons? That is the so-called evil energy, the source of the power of the demons. Discard your red flames everywhere, they are symbols of mortal weakness. When you are bathed in the dip of dark energy, the sects of the Legion that conquer the world are in your hands.


    WOW Classic Gold

    Demon pet
    Those who fear the devil usually think that these guys are dangerous and unreasonable. There is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking. As creatures born in the depths of the void, the values ​​of demons tend to be opposite to us, and the energy they rely on for survival is even more toxic to us. On the other hand, even if the demons do not really die in the physical universe, they still feel pain and fear. It is also a challenge for them to come to a world full of light - except for the Burning Legion. This army that releases its own destructive nature will corrupt everything around it into the void, and will not receive any sympathy and understanding of mortals with normal values, including warlocks.
    Not all demons have joined the Legion, because the term "Devil" is a general term for living in a world of distorted virtual air (or non-living, because they do not have the life energy of our universe). They have their own world and their own civilization. From a scientific point of view, they are just a group of aliens who differ greatly from our philosophy, but they are not incomprehensible. For example, the Nasrezim, which we call the Dreadlord, almost the entire civilization bowed to Sargeras, but there are still some people, such as the high-level commander of the Light Armor, Losaxon, standing up. The atrocities against the Dark Titans are like the Eredars leaving Argus under the leadership of Velen. Warlocks are proficient in dealing with demonic races and are proud of them. They often call on some easy-to-handle servants to help themselves.
    Devil\Furious cannon - It is suitable for attacking enemies remotely and then running to a safe distance from the target. It can also treat you with a feeling that makes you feel weak, although it tends to be a bit hot. Warlocks often regard the devils as the most subordinate servants, because they are too weak and timid, and are very unreliable in certain battles. Although these weak guys can't even resist the will of mortals, you'd better stay friendly, lest you go home one day and find your coffee burnt to gray.

        Voidwalker\Void Lord - Although it seems to be composed of soft air, the blue material comes from the depths of the endless void. Voidwalkers are very good at tormenting their opponents, and its defensive capabilities can block most attacks. Voidwalkers are made up of primitive energy that distort the void, and the status is equivalent to the elemental creatures in our world. They are very disliked to be summoned to the physical universe plane, which is to be remembered.
    Succubus - This fascinating demon is the most deceitful creature in the Burning Legion. They are very good at using illusions to deal with enemies, control their actions, and launch a critical strike at the right time. Of course, their more widely known place is their nature...but unless there is some kind of quirks, the warlocks are not recommended to try this nature.
    Hell Hounds - These red monsters are very good at dealing with enemy casters, and their desire for arcane magic energy is no less than your desire for dark knowledge. It’s just... they are really dogs, except for the appearance of fierceness and the use of magical energy, it is no different from the habits of ordinary dogs. You can use them as a dog with rare hobbies.