World of Warcraft: All details of Shadowlands 2

  • World of Warcraft: All details of Shadowlands 2



    Promotion of the fortress:


    The promotion bastion is the first area where the player arrives. Those devotees who were born before will be attracted to the promotion of the fortress, and thus continue to complete the highest mission - to bring the soul into the shadow world. In the glittering spires and grandeur of the fortress, the determined Kirian will be tested with courage.


    Blazing Lanxian:


    Those who are close to nature during their lifetime will enter the flaming blue wilderness that is full of vitality. The mysterious night of the night shelters the land, so that it can return to life infinitely. In this eternal forest, countless trees of dreams provide energy for the souls of nature waiting for rebirth by absorbing the essence of precious souls, the mind.




    In the war-torn Mazxus, whatever form of power is considered justice. Here is the birthplace of Necromancer, and those who master the power of death can turn countless ambitious souls into a cold and ruthless army of undead. Click to subscribe to more news about World of Warcraft gold coins, and more offers will be notified to you as soon as possible.




    Ravendes is a country full of dark castles and Gothic villages, where the sinful reaper Winsell lives. When those poor souls arrive here, they will be punished for their mistakes... or directly into the food of the caretaker.




    Being thrown into the abyss means suffering the eternal desolateness. This is a world of chaos and despair, and the world’s most vicious soul is imprisoned forever. If the ancient evil spirits imprisoned here break the shackles and regain their freedom, then all reality will be swallowed up by them.



    Fourth, the new content: Covenant


    The Covenant is one of the most important new features of the Shadowlands. Every map you venture to has a pie system, they all have a specific purpose. When you assist each camp, they will reward you with specific equipment such as Classic WOW Gold and two special abilities: one is specific to your profession and the other is versatile.