WOW:shadowsland is the protagonist of the next update

  • WOW:shadowsland is the protagonist of the next update




    The second phase of WoW Classic has been released this month, with the addition of the Shadowshad extension for World of Warcraft.

    Although most of the major news is reserved for World of Warcraft, there are still some major updates to the World of Warcraft classics. Now, we finally understand the new timetable Blizzard is working on.



    Today at the BlizzCon 2019 conference, Blizzard will launch an important part of the second phase in the week of November 12. This will be a PvP Honor system update, and the full release date has not yet been released. It seems that the new World Bosses will also be included in future patches being developed by Blizzard. However, to be sure, fans can be sure that more updates will be revealed during BlizzCon or on the forum. Since Warcraft Classic has enhanced the difficulty of the game, many players complain about it. Now using WOW Classic Power Leveling can help players improve their game level and save themselves a lot of time.



    "Shadow of the Earth" was confirmed as the next major extension of the game, in which large movies show the fall of the Lich King. A description of the land of shadows is written as follows: "The fallen tribal leader Sylvanas Windrunner unveiled the veil between Azeroth and the kingdom of the dead, triggering a series of events that threatened to break between life and death. The balance of the universe."



    "Blizzard Entertainment today released "World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows", the latest extension of the company's widely acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game, in which Azeroth's heroes will have to face Hill A series of troubles caused by the consequences of Vanas's actions. At the same time, the shadow of horror is also over the top of Azeroth. For Warcraft vanilla gold, now is promoting promotional offers, the last time I bought a lot of gold in one lump sum Makes me very strong in the game. Click on ZZWOW for more information.

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    After the World of Warcraft players enter the legendary shadow world, they will find that the world after death is in chaos.


    "Under normal order, the dead souls are sent to an area that fits their lives, but now all souls are sent to hell, where the most wicked people are cursed to endure eternal suffering. ”