How game characters evolve part2

  • How game characters evolve part2

    A similar point is that both versions have talent points, players can continue to enhance themselves to achieve the goal of improving skills and abilities. In classic WOW, the level of unlocking talent points is level 10. By upgrading the way to get talent points (a little talent points per level), from a micro perspective, the value of a single talent point is actually not high. In classic WOW, the talent tree has its own specific core talent. Players can unlock a current number of talent points and unlock the current core skills. One problem with classic WOW is that some talents are far less effective than other talents. For example, a disciplinary priest must use 5 talent skills on his special skills to greatly enhance his talent. But the effect of the upgrade is obvious.


    Each character has some such low level skills for players to choose from. However, the disciplinary Paladin has some reasonable talent points when upgrading. For example, when I was around 20th, I unlocked the 11th talent point with another major DPS skill: Seal of Command. In classic WOW, if you don't pay gold coins to NPC to let him reset the talent for you, the talent can't be changed, and the cost of resetting talent will increase every time, up to 50 gold coins.


    In Retail WoW, except for the last level, the remaining talents are unlocked once every 15 levels. And each character has its own talent tree, and each level has 3 choices. The talent system in the Retail WoW version reflects Blizzard's efforts to repair the old talent system. Each character in Classic WoW has more or less useless skills, and some characters have a whole useless talent tree due to poor design and decision. Although this situation has not been cured in Retail WoW, it is usually good to have at least one of the three choices. The system may work better on the machine, but it doesn't feel as good as usual, at least not for me. The opinions on this point are divergent and may reflect how good (or how bad) your talent tree is at the beginning.

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    Compared to classic WOW, my talents and skills in Retail WoW are much less. With the difficulty of the game and the ability to quickly kill monsters, this makes Retail WoW very boring when upgrading. As we have seen, the upgrade is much faster. At level 20, the utility of my classic paladin comes from his ability to heal himself and others in battle, his damage, and his gain. At Retail WoW, I am killing monsters very fast... almost like this.

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