WoW Classic vs WoW Retail: part4

  • WoW Classic vs WoW Retail: part4



    The writing goal of many of my articles is to compare the difference between the Classic version and the Retail version in the upgrade and gaming experience. If you don't use some extra bonuses and suits, the Retail version will be upgraded faster. Because the Retail version gives the player a Heirloom gear, this means that with the Heirloom gear, you are upgrading every time you perform a mission. Some of these equipment can also increase your experience. Even so, every time I play in the retail version, I don't use the bonus set. I didn't use different characters to make equipment for my retail version of the Paladin. This means that the paladin in my retail version will not be upgraded as fast as other players. However, my goal is not to compare the game experience with thousands of Warcraft players. Instead, compare the game experience differences and gameplay between the two game versions. At the same time, I also saw players in the classic and retail versions for the first time this year.
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    I have tried to replay World of Warcraft with all the details in my memory. My Paladin uses the same area to upgrade and play through the same content. I have used the same role in both areas, and I spent a lot of time improving my game abilities and character levels. And during this period of my novice stage, I have never used any assistive devices. I only use it when I play in the endgame of Vanilla Raider. In general, when I was leveling in the original World of Warcraft more than a decade ago, there was not much that could be used. I want to increase my experience as much as possible.

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    Finally, keep in mind that this is a level comparison specifically for Lvl 1-20. It is not a dungeon comparison or a DPS/tank comparison. There is no doubt that this is not a comparison of the endgame raids. I will discuss all of these topics in a future article.



    Let's start fighting


    The first thing about the Classic version of Warcraft and the Retail version of Warcraft is that they seem to be two very different games on the surface, but they have the same game engine and graphics assets. Playing the Paladin in the Classic version is completely different from the Retail version. Rarely, in the retail version, the hero moves faster and the task details are very different. But the difficulty is complete, the classic is different. It still needs engineers to polish, to study, and of course it will bring more gains.