World of Warcraft classic experience report (2)

  • World of Warcraft classic experience report (2)

    In the past, you had to wait until level 40 to move quickly on the mount, and it's easy to forget how much time it took to move from one area to another, from one task tag to another. Hell, when npc is passing you between them endlessly, it takes time to run around in Stormwind. "World of Warcraft" is not a game you can play very fast, whether it is the group killing you need or the time you spend running from one place to another, you need to wait in this game for a long time. . I will play for a few hours, repeat the task, bid for new equipment at the auction house, improve my skills, and travel around. After so many years, it always makes people feel fresh. I really enjoyed it on this boring day.


    The place I most appreciate World of Warcraft is its community. Whether it's a Gnomeregan, Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery or The Stockades dungeon looking for a group, or joining a party when looking to go beyond the world, most players are very helpful and friendly, I spend a lot of time in the game to make sure I'm done. The task, got the items I needed and did what I wanted to do. No one is angry because they bother them because they are often not as kind as everyone else. After playing this long-playing competitive multiplayer game, this community is so strange to me, but it is a welcome change.


    Although I have to admit it, I installed the Questie and quest helper add-ons. And using WOW Classic Power Leveling can help me upgrade quickly.

    And World of Warcraft should also be rewarded. Now, I am very satisfied with an update to the game - I am finally able to play World of Warcraft in a high frame rate mode. I have to say that the design and beauty of the world are quite unique. If you have completed most of the tasks, the way you will be in this area is respected by many players. If you are satisfied with the ocd task and are happy to do it, then all the tasks become very simple. Buy WOW Classic Gold now uses the code "Halloween" to get a discount of up to 8%. What are you still hesitating?

    "World of Warcraft" essentially has this built-in feature, and I feel like I need it while I try to avoid using add-ons. Even if I just read the task description, I can't find where to go multitasking. They roughly indicate where you should go, but the instructions are not specific. It only makes sense if you are reading the task description in the same location as the NPC that provided the task. Task descriptions such as "Going east from here" are not very helpful when you are in other areas.