How to quickly upgrade in World of Warcraft (2)

  • How to quickly upgrade in World of Warcraft (2)

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    The good news is that World of Warcraft is full of various tasks. Especially if you take advantage of Rest XP (and upgrade two characters at the same time is a way), you can kill monsters from level 1-60. That is, when you want to arrive from one mission center to another, you can speed up by killing monsters.


    Choose your role

    If you really want to quickly upgrade to level 60 in the World of Warcraft classic, and you don't care how you play, choose a high-injury career that doesn't depend on pets. The highest damage levels in Warcraft Classics are usually those that are “pure”, meaning they don’t have tanks or healing expertise. Masters and thieves are good examples.



    Pet professions, such as warlocks and hunters, cause good damage, but they are also affected because they don't get decent pets at least at the initial stage, and because they need to constantly adjust, summon, feed, or otherwise To manage their pets. Both hunters and warlocks need to use reagents to increase the skills they had before, in the case of hunters, arrows or bullets, and in the case of warlocks, soul fragments. This also increases the delay. If you don't have enough time, using WOW Classic Power Leveling can help players quickly upgrade their level.




    Or, you can also try to use the tank profession (protecting the warrior or for the league players, the Paladin is your only choice in Warcraft), and in World of Warcraft use "smash the monsters together and kill them all" Strategy. To be honest, this is most effective if you work with a player who can do a lot of damage to monsters. buy now WOW Classic Gold can enjoy up to 8% discount, click on the link to buy it!




    Leaving the crowd gathering area


    If you log in to the classic community of World of Warcraft or see the player base, then you will see a large number of players gathered in the starting area. This means that competing to kill monsters is a very slow process, so we recommend doing the few things in these areas and moving forward as quickly as possible so you don't have to queue to kill the monsters.