Suggestions for players of WOW classic (3)

  • Suggestions for players of WOW classic (3)

    Rational use of plugins

    Some players may be ashamed to use plugins in the game, but in order to make the game closer to the original, the plugin is still worth using. Of course, this depends mainly on personal hobbies. Everyone should experience the game according to his own love. But there are no plugins that can stop you from accumulating a failure rate of around 50,000 before reaching the highest level (although this sounds exaggerated, he does exist). Now that World of Warcraft is holding a Halloween event, ZZWOW is also launching a promotional event. Buying WOW Classic Gold at uses the "Halloween" code, which can enjoy up to 8% discount. What are you still hesitating?


    Make your choice

    You will soon discover that Warcraft Classic is an experience that is completely different from modern Warcraft. World of Warcraft is primarily about the final content of the game and is as high as possible to match the current progress. The progress of "World of Warcraft" is much slower. However, in classic, there is very little content at the end of the game. You need to spend some time to clean up the battlefield. It also takes time to increase your reputation and meet the entry requirements. But most of the experience when playing classic is not eager to get. So you may wish to take your time and enjoy the game.


    Register at the hotel for an extra "rest" experience

    When you finally want to quit World of Warcraft, you can choose to do something crazy. You need to make sure you have left the "rest" area. Anywhere in the capital city, such as: Orgrimmar, Stormwind City. If you have a long way to go, feel free to choose a hotel. You can tell if you are in the rest area because the portrait next to the health bar will be yellow and you can log out immediately without having to wait 20 seconds.

    Why bother? When you log out, your character will automatically get a "rest experience" which will increase your experience of killing enemies by 200%. If you log out in a rest area, you will get four times the rest experience you have posted anywhere, so it's worth using your Classic WOW Gold or spending a few minutes to find the nearest inn.