Some tips about WOW classic

  • Some tips about WOW classic


    How can I return to World of Warcraft Classic?


    Those who want to return to Azeroth will need to purchase a subscription from Blizzard Store for $15 a month. This subscription also gives players access to the latest version of WOW, the -wow retail version of the Battle of Azeroth. All current World of Warcraft subscribers can access the World of Warcraft classic.



    You can call World of Warcraft classics and new games and old games. The idea of ​​WoW Classic comes from the fact that players who have built private servers are able to use the old version of the game. In April 2016, Blizzard began to shut down these unauthorized servers, causing strong repercussions in the fan base, while these protests caught the attention of the authorities and tried to solve the problem. Blizzard first released World of Warcraft Classic in November 2017 and set its release date to August 26th in May. If you feel that you are wasting a lot of effort in the game, then use the WOW Classic Boosting service, which can help you solve the difficulties in the game.


    Are you planning to return to the classic version?

    The classic version of "World of Warcraft" officially began to appear in the Americas from 3 pm. On August 26th, Pacific Time officially opened, but on the day of opening the service, players found that they had to wait a long time to enter the server. Waiting time is 30 minutes or even some people need a few hours to enter the game.




    Blizzard wants to add queues before launching and add more servers to the player when the server goes online, but not enough, because too many players try to log in. The developer also increased the number of character slots to 10 per domain. Another solution used by Blizzard is to increase the maximum number of uses allowed on each server. The developer released a upcoming fix for the game on August 28th at the Blizzard Forum's World of Warcraft Classic. Click on ZZWOW to Buy WOW Classic Gold at a low price.



    On the same day, World of Warcraft game director Hazzikostas responded to the needs of players in a forum full of criticism.


    He said on Tuesday: "We are trying to prioritize the long-term health of our community, because we recognize that if we fail to meet the standards for starting a server, we may act quickly to increase other areas during the opening hours." "But, If we eliminate too many servers, then in a few weeks or months, we will face even more difficult problems."