World of Warcraft "The Dooms of Doom" Raiders (2)

  • World of Warcraft "The Dooms of Doom" Raiders (2)


    After you arrive at the second floor, first kill all the monsters on the left, and the monster on the right can leave it alone. Then the thief continued to open the door. After opening the door, the group killed the monster behind the door. If the team works well, it doesn't take a minute to clear it.

    After cleaning up the little monster around the third boss, the hunter controls the pet to attract the boss and the ogre next to it. Attract them to the left, and the other teammates are on the right. At this time, it must be noted that thieves should not use stealth skills, or they will attract other things.

    In addition to hunters, other people only need to skip the BOSS, the previous 2 piles of mobs can be cleared. If you must clear it, be sure to pull it into the corner to clear it. The monster will fear, and it is easy to get out of ADD.


    The next step is to attack the boss, in fact, it is very simple for hitting the boss. The monster next to the Ogre King can be ignored directly. The rest of the team continues to attack, and after killing the boss, the legal ogre will turn green and the player will become the new Ogre King.

    At this time, if the player clicks on the NPC, the player will be given a BUFF, and the player will automatically become the new Ogre King. At this point to the third boss can receive a task to kill the prince. Then after finding the guard, he was able to strengthen the BUFF. If the players really feel too difficult, you can use WOW Classic Boosting to help you complete the task.

    Basically, it is nearing the end. The most important thing in the team battle is the team's cooperation and the team's position. There are also hunters who control pets to attract monsters. If the players are not skilled enough for the first time, it will take about an hour or so. After proficiency, it only takes half an hour to complete the journey. I wish you all a good luck graduation. Click on ZZWOW to buy World of Warcraft Gold to help you get the job done.