The new version of the Warcraft Classic executive statement wil

  • The new version of the Warcraft Classic executive statement will be released early next year




    A considerable number of players in the Warcraft Classic have returned to the missions and raids provided by the Warcraft Normal Edition. These circumstances make the World of Warcraft classic team very anxious, but the head of the classic team said that in the future there will be more elements and gameplay added to the game, and that players can look forward to the "second phase" update, in this A new attack mode will be introduced during the phase.




    In that time frame?

     Hazzioktas told the interviewer: this will depend on some irresistible elements. Although we don't know when the new phase will be launched, Hazzioktas told the second phase that it will be officially launched before the end of the year.



    Since the original version of World of Warcraft was released in August, the players of all major games have flowed to the World of Warcraft classics. In the face of this trend, the official team expressed great surprises. But the actual situation is: the game is overcrowded at the beginning, the players have to queue to complete the task, and even have to queue for a long time to enter the server. FFWOW is a professional game currency website where you can buy gold from World of Warcraft and Warcraft classics and don't spend a lot of money. Click to view the details.


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    One of the biggest obstacles facing the Classic server is the layering problem. In essence, layers will often agree to different versions of the zone in order to allow more players to join the field and be used to try to meet the needs of the crowd. After some players used the layered system to repeatedly acquire loot, Blizzard implemented a player ban, while the game team is still trying to stabilize the game field and remove the layered structure, so there is only one layer structure in each field.