World of Warcraft - Man-made disaster

  • World of Warcraft - Man-made disaster


    Second Orc War (Warcraft II)

    Initially, the elves who believed in ignorance did not take the initiative to play any role in the second orc war. Despite this, they still provided a series of tools, including beacons, to the Alliance of Lordaeron to help General Anduin Lothar, the descendant of King Thoradin, command the Alliance Army. The higher elves did not forget that the humans were blessed by them.

    Shortly after the outbreak of the war, the tribe began recruiting the Amani forest trolls into the army and invaded the territory of Quel'Thalas, killing a large number of high-elf civilians. The high elves who could not tolerate the tribe's actions decided to participate in the war and invested all the resources they could invest.

    Although the tribe's offense was quickly defeated, the orcs and trolls had already achieved their true purpose: stealing and polluting the runes that the elves used to strengthen the magic defense system. Warlock Gul'dan will use these runestones to build his storm altar. In the end, the league won the second orc war, and the defeated orcs were also held in prison camps.

    The human races that lost their common enemies began to quarrel over the division of territories. To make matters worse, the high elves suddenly announced their withdrawal from the alliance, claiming that human command errors led to the forests of Quel'Thalas. The war was burning. The higher elves began to drift away from their human and dwarf friends. Classic WOW Gold, now you can buy this currency at a low price, and there are time limits for the offer.


    Scourge War (Warcraft III)

    During the Scourge, Alsace Menethil, the evil prince, used the power of the Sunwell to achieve some purpose, invaded Quel'Thalas, and turned it into a wasteland, all of which The inhabitants were almost completely slaughtered. The dead are miserable, but the more miserable is the dead and restless people: Arthas converted his former enemy, Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner, into the undead banshee, forcing her to be Alsace. Life. Use WOW Classic Boosting to help you upgrade faster and effectively solve problems in the game.

    When the Undead Legion approached the Sunwell, another high elf Dakhan Dahir (he hoped he could win the favor of the Lich King) led Arthas to the Sunwell and weakened him. The magic barrier that originally protected the well of the sun. Dakhan’s betrayal eventually led to the explosion of the Sunwell, where most of the energy of the Sunwell dissipated in the air, and Dakhan lost his memory as a result of the injury in the explosion.

    Master Borel (also known as Krassus, the human name of Red Dragon Crea Straz) felt the huge energy dissipated here. He successfully gathered some of the energy and used it to build a name. The form of the human girl of Vina. Arthas did not notice Borrell's behavior. He used the residual energy of the Sunwell to recast a lich's body for the soul of Kel'Thuzad.

    In this war, King Anastalian and the Silvermoon City Council were all killed and the ruling institutions of the High Elves were completely destroyed. And Sylvanas Windrunner’s deputy, Lorthoma Theron, temporarily took over the leadership of all the high elves and waited for the true successor of the blood of the sun-drenched royal family who was still in Dalaran. Prince Sas is coming back to succession. There are also some high elves who have contracted the plague of the undead. The destruction of the Sunwell has had a rather negative impact on the higher elves of the magical energy addiction, and now they have to endure the pain of this addiction.