Bloodelf split period

  • Bloodelf split period



    It is very reasonable to choose different camps for the same race. Here, we mainly talk about the split of the camp that has a great influence on history and the current situation.
    First, the unified period before the invasion of the undead
    After the high elves were exiled, they reached the Eastern Kingdoms and formed alliances with humans to resist the early enemy trolls of the Elves. During that period, the external opinions of the high elves have always been relatively uniform.
    Second, after the invasion of the undead natural disaster, the transition from the first camp to the binary camp at the beginning of the reconstruction of Silvermoon City
    Until the undead natural disasters invaded Quel'Thalas, Silvermoon City fell, the high elves of the tribes were exiled, and the exiles gathered into different camps. In the process of surviving, the different attitudes of different camps began to differ significantly.
    In the process, the enchanting high elves still gathered under the sire of the Heavenly King, and loyalty to Kael'thas seemed to be their best choice. Under the leadership of Kael'thas, the high elves formed after the war. Your own new political group - the blood elf. The blood elf quickly withdrew from the league.

    The remaining camps of high elves that are dying everywhere are very vague. Since the previous agreement with the Alliance continued to be effective, some of them survived by the power of other races in the league, and therefore belonged to the coalition forces in the camp, but these high elves have not yet formed their own groups.
    At this point, the camp of the High Elf has split into two directions: the high elves in the direction of the Alliance and the Blood Elf camp that has withdrawn from the Alliance.
    Third, the high elf camp in the TBC period
    In the TBC, Kael'thas's failure and madness caused a serious division within the blood elves.
    First of all, an elite force led by Kael'thas to the Outland was abducted. They called themselves "astrologers" after the apostasy, and they were attached to Naru. We are able to offer the lowest price of WOW Classic Gold For Sale across the entire network, helping players to experience different fun in the game, not only that, but also can be quickly shipped in a short time. Avoid players waiting too long.

    2.4 In the timeline, after the death of Kael'thas, after Kil'jaeden was defeated, the Silver Knights of the Silvermoon City led by the Count of the Blood Knights were also attached to Naru.
    The blood elves have a certain degree of change in their attitude towards the Holy Light.
    However, at present, the situation of Silvermoon City in the 2.4 timeline has not changed.
    Fourth, the WLK "Sweeping the Sun" and "Silver Covenant" Chambers courtesy.
    TBC, the high-level elf in the direction of the league finally appeared as a formal camp in the WLK era. Wenleisa Windrunner organized the high elves of the new alliance and formed a new camp "Silver Covenant" into Dalaran.
    On the tribal side, the "Sweeping Sun" camp was a spokesperson for the blood elves in Dalaran.
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    The "Sunseeker" and the "Silver Covenant" are opposite each other. The two great factions of the High Elves finally got in the eyes of Dalaran.
    For the ins and outs of the "Sunseeker", Blizzard has not yet fully explained it.
    At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the historical time sequence is: Silver Moon City breaks, then Dalaran City breaks, and then the Blood Elf withdraws from the Alliance.
    Some people think that after the break of Dalaran City, it was basically unorganized for a long time, and the contact with the alliance was interrupted. The new Dalaran formed afterwards was very different from the old Dalaran.