World of Warcraft Classic: Werewolf

  • World of Warcraft Classic: Werewolf


    The werewolf is a race belonging to the online game World of Warcraft. It can choose 7 kinds of occupations, enter the battle in the form of wolves, and have superior combat ability. Various discourses mention their history, but the origin of the werewolf is still a mystery.

    Background information

    The werewolf is a race full of wild, half-human and half-wolf. Just mentioning their name is enough to make people afraid. According to the records, the werewolves existed in Kalimdor for quite some time. In fact, there is growing evidence that their true origins may have something to do with the night elves, as well as a secret druid organization in ancient Kalindo. But before the new evidence was discovered, it was all just an inference.
    The first appearance of the werewolf in the Eastern Kingdom dates back to the third war, when Archmage Aruga used these werewolves to fight against the Scourge. Aruga’s weapon quickly turned against him. However, as the Werewolf’s curse spread rapidly among the human race, it began to turn ordinary men and women into hungry and wild creatures. World of Warcraft Classic Gold helps players become stronger.

    Aruga used many werewolves as his own children and hid in the former residence of Baron Schwarinen, known as the Shadowfang Castle. But the curse is not under control. It continued to continue in the Silver Pine Forest, and even spread to Gilneas surrounded by high walls, and the curse quickly spread across the country.
    The residents of Gilneas found themselves trapped and there was no hope of escape. They hid in their isolated territory, where they lingered and feared the barbaric predators outside the wall.
    Tight pressure increased day by day among these refugees, which eventually led to a civil war that made the country that was about to face war more unstable.

    However, there are still people in Gilneas holding hope. Many people believe that the treatment of the Werewolf curse exists, but many people have long since given up, fearing that if the barriers collapse, they will also lose humanity forever. The WOW Classic Gold sold on should be available to many players. It can help players to develop their potential and build equipment to make their characters stronger.


    Faction: Alliance
    Place of birth: Gilneas
    Ethnic talent:
    1. Malicious: Increases damage by 1%
    2. Dark flight: 40% faster movement for 10 seconds
    3. Ascetic: a 15% reduction in the number of illnesses and curses
    4. Deprivation: 15 points increase in skinning skills
    Optional occupations: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Druid, Warlock, Hunter, Death Knight
    Other: The shape of the werewolf is only the appearance. You can choose human or werewolf outside the battle. You will be in the form of werewolf in battle.

    Gilneas is located on the peninsula south of Silver Pine Forest. This human kingdom supported the Alliance in the second war, but when the situation turned into a coalition that required Gilneas far more than Gilneas's alliance, King Graymeis did not hesitate to cut off all external contacts. The outside world was completely ignorant. Just after the gate of the wall of Greymane was closed, the darkness descended to Gilneas, and the curse of the werewolf raged in this country.

    Soon, the Gilneas began to fight each other, into a bloody civil war, tearing the country. Impressively, the people of Gilneas still seem to retain a trace of humanity.