WOW: The new version of PVE strong career introduction

  • WOW: The new version of PVE strong career introduction


    World of Warcraft 8.2 will change some professions, and some PVE capabilities have been strengthened after some professional revisions. So what is the new version of the profession? Here is a strong career introduction for World of Warcraft 8.2PVE.

    First, the demon hunter
    Revenge Specialization
    Devil Enchantment: Damage reduction reduced to 15% (up from 10%)
    Devil Enchantment: Armor bonus is changed to 100% (up from 80%)
    Demon Spike: Armor reduced to 60% agility (down from 85%)
    The development team said that compared to the tanks of other professions, once the reductive skills of the revenge specialization are removed from the CD, the occupational damage reduction ability is too low, thus strengthening the resident reduction effect. But this also strengthens the physical damage reduction ability in the state of the demon spike, so the value of the skill is lowered as a balance. If players feel that the game progress is slow, WOW Classic Boosting will be your best choice, it can help you solve all the difficulties in the game, and your level is rising rapidly.

    Second, druid
    First of all, the four skills of appease, clear corrosion, moonfire and warfare can not be used by default in cat form and bear form, but cats will learn passive skills at level 22, which can be used to remove corrosion and appease. Bears can learn to use these four skills in Bear Form at level 10.
    The significance of this adjustment is that, in addition to guarding the specialization, other specialized Druids can not freely use these skills in the bear form, including moonfire.

    Shovel and heavy scorpion consume 40 anger (down from 45)
    The laceration produces 10 anger (up from 8)
    Deformation provides 25 anger for the bear form (up from 20)
    Direct damage from lacerations and blows increased by 15%.
    With this adjustment, the Druid's shovel skill will have a longer duration and coverage, ideally 100% coverage to enhance the professional's flatness. More initial anger gains, and lower consumption, allow the bear to activate the first shovel at the beginning of the battle with the enemy. Click on zzwow to purchase Vanilla WOW Gold, low prices, fast delivery will be your best choice.

    Third, the stalker

    In the last version, the sword dance special system was added: the situation was judged, and the madman got a great improvement in AOE. Therefore, as a balance, the conditions for obtaining BUFF were mainly modified, and 2% of the previous target was added to each target. For each attack, 5% is superimposed, that is, the madman attacks multiple targets at once and no longer gets an extra BUFF stack, which significantly reduces the speed of the fast stack to the full layer, and the ability of the multi-target AOE is weakened.

    Four, five, warriors

    Unbreakable Thunder strike damage is 50% (down from 100%)
    At present, the warrior is because the damage is too high, and the good hardness has become the first in the territory. The development team said that after weakening in this way, the output ability of the fighter T will be pulled back to a reasonable range. The above changes are only current plans, and with the PTR test, there may be more career and PVP adjustments.