WOW: Fighting for Azeroth is coming soon

  • WOW: Fighting for Azeroth is coming soon


    1, online time
    Most of the servers will be launched on September 26th next week. Most of the 8.2.5 versions will be open after the official launch, but the main line of the camp battle and the 15th anniversary will wait until later.

    2, model update
    8.2.5 has updated a lot of models, such as the new model of Werewolf and Goblin, Laccio, Julia, Zeng Kan, Valila and other important NPC also have a new model.

    3. Recruitment of comrades
    825 comrades recruited to return, can pull people and get 50% experience bonus. This comrade-in-arms recruit has a reward for every month, and a total of 12 rewards will take 12 months. You can have a comrade-in-arms card, or recruit 2 comrades to charge a half-year card, or recruit a few more, you can recruit up to 10 comrades.

    4, the team synchronization system
    Team synchronization is an extra button, you can synchronize to the level of teammates, task progress and task status.
    This system allows you to revisit old tasks, and also allows you to help low-level teammates better solve tasks.
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    5, looking for Lazio
    This version has the main line of the camp battle, as well as the branch line of the necklace. 8.2 We completed the tasks of several other dragons in the meditation room of Ai Sauce. At 8.2.5 we will find that the black horn is eroded, and then we pick up the task to find Lazio, before I have a video. But the end of the mission did not actually see Lazio, and the latter should be followed by the second half of the camp battle. Click on Buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold for a maximum discount of 3%.

    6. Dreamland murder
    8.2.5 A new Hearthstone Tavern will be added to the Dreamland Woodland, which has a quest for the murder. In the pub we will get the Druids to help find the murderer.

    7, the little bee mount
    After the Alliance player 8.2.5 is open, you can go to Stowe and start to get a little bee mount, with a small pet Bangbang, and find Barry at the Middenhall Winery. After finding a new honey-backed hive, brush the honey and raise the size of the bee into your mount. The alliance is exclusive and the tribe can't ride.

    8,15th anniversary
    The 15th anniversary event is from November 16th to November 30th. The main game content is 3 recalls and the old version of Okuyama Battlefield. Three groups of Cromi recalled, burning the expedition 3 BOSS: Kael'thas, Ms. Vaschi, Archimonde.

    9, the black market update
    The black market has new items, 2 illusions, 2 armor, and 13 new mounts.

    10, the new camp battle
    After the opening of 825 next week, it will not open a new camp battle. This camp battle will usher in the end, that is, the end of the fourth war. The league and the tribe's hegemony Azeroth ended, but not that this version is over. Then we will continue to fight Azeroth with other enemies.