WOW: monk equipment attributes

  • WOW: monk equipment attributes
        Equipment attribute
       When it comes to equipment attributes, you have to mention the priority of the attributes. In WOW, the attributes of each class are different, and the priority of each class has different priorities. Below we explain the equipment priority of monk.
    The attributes we can get from the equipment and make trade-offs include: endurance, agility, haste, crit, proficient, spatter, armor bonus, and versatility. Now introduce their respective roles, and at the end give a clear pros and cons.
        The main reason we discuss here is the extra endurance gained from enchantments and accessories, especially jewelry.
        WOD's tank jewelry still has endurance, and not only with endurance, such as the hanging bunker No. 5 Gemini 3 attribute jewelry. Of course, endurance is better, but if you compare endurance with other secondary attributes, you will give priority to other attributes.
        The monk is not a tank that relies on endurance. Proficiency is actually equal to the extra effective life value. These are long-established.
        According to the current rhythm, the blood volume standard should be that the boss can not cut the three-knife, that is, to ensure that there are 2 GCD reading strips plus blood, and 35% of the blood has the opportunity to use the transplanted wood.
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        The endurance and agility obtained from armor and weapons are certain. The enchantments and accessories are still discussed here.
        Agile improves attack intensity and a small amount of dodge. In view of the existence of the perseverance mechanism and the CD with a length of 15s, the attack intensity is not very significant, and the dodge of conversion is actually very small.
      My advice is to survive without having to consider extra agility, and the same is true for the mixture. Agile is already a relatively insignificant attribute.
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        The main genre of the wine scent in MOP is the rapid crit flow. This is because, like anti-riding, it can increase the acquisition of martial arts resources and improve the survivability.
        At WOD, Haste is still a competitive attribute, but I personally don't plan to pile it up.
        This is mainly because of the existence of the 100-level talent "the breath is condensed", it can guarantee that the wine fairy will not break the wine, we don't even need the bottom speed.
        Of course, when the ideal fit is not achieved, the equipment with rapid speed is also profitable.
        Keep in mind that higher rushes bring more blood to the blood instead of the flowers.
    Critical strike:
        The critical strike will still be our main attribute in WOD.
        There are two reasons. The first one is better than the same excellent proficiency and omnipotence. Its conversion ratio is higher, and the 5% extra bonus makes it better. Second, the common attack crit gets the ethereal wine. And the dodge rate of up to 45% of the ethereal wine is completely worthy of our main heap crit.
        Now the wine is awake to provide only 10% parry and 10% drunken fist, even if the wine is awake, as long as there is ethereal wine is still as hard.
        The conclusion is that you should wear all the equipment you can find with agile crit.