WOW: The main course of Tauren

  • WOW: The main course of Tauren


    Tauren's body is large and thick, and its shape has the characteristics of a cow. Adult Tauren weighs between 750 and 900 pounds. They can grow up to 12 feet tall. However, in World of Warcraft, Tauren men are unified at 8 feet and women are nearly 6 feet and a half. Tauren has a dioecious type. The male body is extremely large, the muscles are thick and strong, while the females are relatively short, delicate and feminine. But compared to human males, female Tauren still looks taller and stronger.

    Social culture
    Tauren sees 15 years old as an adult and has a life length roughly equal to that of humans. They will have many names in their lives - a childhood name, a name in youth, a name in adulthood, and often use a completely different name to communicate with foreigners.
    Although Tauren was brave in the battle, most of the time they were very calm. They love jewelry, like to decorate their hair with gems, or hang the chain ornament on the corner.

    They have simple hieroglyphics but are not universal. Traditions, precepts, and stories are mostly spread and inherited through oral narration.
    According to tradition, many women Tauren chose to become shamans, and they felt their connection with the mother of the earth (described later in the “Tauren tribe's creation myth”). Some foreign scholars believe that the mother of the earth that Tauren believes is actually a form of life's genus, the red dragon queen Alexstrasza.

    Tauren's shamans often wear the totems passed down by their ancestors, which are made from huge logs. These woodware are also often used as weapons. Chiefs also use long-gun weapons, while others wear hammers or canes.
    Tauren has long been skilled in making and using short knives to defend himself. Although this technique can easily be developed and made into longer irons, the belief in nature does not allow them to dance the shining sword. Still, Tauren in the game can still use Classic WOW Gold, although this is a very difficult character to control, but as long as you are too strong. Tauren can still be mastered by you. If you are having trouble with the game, you can purchase the WOW Classic Power Leveling service and use them to help you get to know the game more quickly.

    Recent overview

    Tauren is one of the oldest races in World of Warcraft. Thousands of years before the human and orc war, Tauren, who followed the Shaman culture, had established their tribal society. The kind Tauren are calm and not fighting. As a result, they remain low-key and do not participate in the endless disputes of Azeroth.
    Tauren is scattered into a number of tribes living in the central grasslands of the Kalimdor continent. When they meet the orc tribes that have migrated, they are being devastated by the hostile race, the ferocious centaur. The young orc leader, Thrall, directed his troops to successfully rescue Tauren. From Sal, the leader of the Tauren blood hoof clan, Kane Bloodhoof, felt great personality and excellent commanding ability. They formed a solid alliance and quickly repelled the invasion of Centaur.
    The other two races in the tribe, the orcs and the jungle trolls, share many similar ideas with Tauren and believe in similar shamanism. Tauren provides timely mediation and support to the impetuous allies with ancient cultural accumulation and calm personality. Since then, Tauren has become an indispensable force in the tribe.
    However, due to the trauma of the fierce battle with the Centaur, Tauren's population is still recovering.
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