WOW classic:Bard suit

  • WOW classic:Bard suit


    Weapons and armor are good at: Bard is good at using all simple weapons, plus long swords, fine swords, sap, short swords, short bows, long whip. Bard is good at wearing light armor and shields (except for tower shields). Bard is not affected by the probability of normal arcane failure when wearing a light armor to cast a poet spell. Of course, like other arcane spellcasters, casting a spell with a pose when wearing a heavy armor or holding a shield (most spells) will still be affected by the probability of arcane failure, and the part-time Bard is showing Arcane gains from other occupations are still affected by the probability of arcane failure.

    Bard casts the Arcane in the Bard Arcane list. He can cast any spells he knows without preparation. All Bard spells have a verbal component (singing, memorizing, or music). To learn or cast spells, Bard's charm must reach 10+ spell levels. The level of exemption against Bard spells is 10 + spell level + Bard Charisma modifier.
    Like other casters, Bard can only cast a limited number of spells per spell level per day. His basic daily spell distribution scheme is listed in the table: Bard. In addition, if he has a higher glamour value, he can also get daily reward spells. If the table: Bard points out that Bard gets 0 spells at a spell level, he can only get the number of bonus spells on the spell level for the charm.

    Bard's choice of spells is very limited. At the beginning, Bard can learn 4 level 0 spells based on your choice. When you get a new Bard level, he will get one or several new spells according to the spell known by Bard. (Unlike daily spells, Bard knows that spells have nothing to do with charm. Table: The numbers in Bard know spells are fixed)
    After every 5 Bard levels (8, 11, etc.) after Level 5, Bard can learn a new spell to replace previously known spells. In fact, Bard "discards" a known spell to exchange a new spell. New spells must have the same level of spells as he exchanges, and must be at least two levels lower than Bard's ability to cast the highest level spells. Bard can only swap one spell per spell level, and must decide whether to exchange spells while gaining new spells at that level.
    As mentioned earlier, Bard does not need to prepare spells in advance. As long as he has not used up his daily spells at this level, he can cast any known spells at any time. When Bard uses spells, Vanilla WOW Gold can effectively help him enhance his spell power. Players using both spells and Vanilla WOW Gold can not only enhance the damage, but also enhance the spell gain.


    When Bard judges whether he knows some local celebrities, legendary items, notable places, etc., he can make a special anecdote knowledge check, which adds his Bard level + his intelligence correction. . (If the Bard's knowledge (history) level reaches level 5 or higher, then he gains a +2 bonus on this check.)
    Successful anecdotal knowledge checks cannot reveal the power of magic items, but may give some hints about the role of the item. Bard can't take 10 or take 20 to do this check, the result of knowledge is random.

    Bard is a symbol of harmony. They travel around, describe the beauty they see with music, and express their feelings with music. The harp in Bard's hand becomes a weapon during the battle. The notes played by it can greatly enhance the strength of themselves and their teammates. They can also cause great damage to the enemy. Click on ZZWOW to purchase the relevant World of Warcraft gold coins. Buy gold coins now and enjoy a low price to help you quickly upgrade in the game.