Death knight character background

  • Death knight character background


    The adventurous humans who lived in the mainland of Lordaeron used the fleet to explore the northern part of Northrend in the north and established towns. The Lich King quietly chose to go deep into the human trials of the ice field, and gradually made achievements, and established a squadron of a certain scale. This touched the underground kingdom of insects tens of thousands of years ago. Ai Zhuo-Nerub's spiders believe that natural disasters are a huge threat, so the formation of the Legion launched an attack on the newly-started Lich King. Because these races that once worshipped the ancient gods were immune to the mental control of Ner'zhul, this war almost made Ner'zhul all the strength. Although the spiders are very powerful, their bodies can still be evoked by Ner'zhul as a member of the Scourge. The number of spiders is decreasing and the Scourge is growing. So Ner'zhul finally won this tactic. The war, and achieved the dominance of Northrend.

    Ner'zhul deceived him and his similar ambitions, Dalaran Master Kel'Thuzad, who founded the cursing sect in Lordaeron, constantly accommodating believers and spreading various plagues. This touched the kingship of Lordaeron at the time. As the Crown Prince, the Paladin Alsace and the instructor of the Knights Uther were ordered to find out the matter, but they stepped into one trap after another. In the face of the plague and the fact that a large number of people have died and become rotten monsters, Crown Prince Alsace felt unprecedented pressure and eventually forced him to embark on the journey to the Northrend continent. In the conspiracy of the Lich King, he pulled up the cursed Frostmourne and sacrificed his soul to defeat the fearful demon Melganis, who was then led by the Scourge. However, Lonely lost in the biting cold wind. The last trace of personality. The zzwow website sells WOW Classic Gold to help players in the game build more powerful equipment.

    A few months later, there was no news of Arthas triumph, and the plague retreated. In celebration, he met his father and killed the king himself, subverting the Kingdom of Lordaeron and becoming a death knight. In a series of actions he killed Uther, the former light ambassador of the mentor, and many paladins died in anger, despair, fear, and he was resurrected as a death knight.

    The only remaining members of the Silver Hand established or joined the later Scarlet Crusade. The Scarlet Crusade leader Alexandros Mograine was abandoned by the eldest son when he raided the city of Stratholme, which was occupied by the undead, and joined the death knight's camp. Secondly, Darien Mograine used self-sacrifice to awaken the spirit buried under the Holy Light's Wishing Chapel, purifying his father's soul, but the body was revived by Kel'Thuzad to become a death knight. However, he and his subordinates were betrayed by the Lich King when they attacked the Holy Light Wishing Chapel. The angry one led the troops out of the control of the Lich King and established the Knights of the Black Front to destroy the Scourge for the rest of their lives.

    When the Lich King lost control of the death knight, the supporters of these Lich Kings revenged for the horrific pressure that they had suffered under his control. After winning the battle of revenge, the death knights found themselves with no goals and no home. They have gradually entered the mortal territory to find new targets. If the players feel that the game character is too powerful, you can use "WOW Classic Power Leveling" to help you complete the task. After using it, you can help you defeat the powerful enemy with only a small amount of money. It is your game character. More strong.

    The frost sharpened their attacks, the blood strengthened their body, and the undead body made them scream of evil in the fierce battle. The death knight's eyes have witnessed thousands of atrocities, and the enemies who dare to look at these eyes will feel the warmth being pulled away from their bodies, replaced by steel-like coldness.