Molten Core

  • Molten Core

    Molten Core is the first true copy of the RAID team in World of Warcraft (40 players). The highest-level Raid copy in wow1.5.2 requires 40 people to work together. (Opened the Winged Nest in WOW 1.6.1, it is also a copy of 40 people.) Any one of the mobs has the strength to surpass the ordinary copy BOSS. The BOSS is even less white, and almost every one needs the cooperation and efforts of the entire team. Defeat them, not only to get countless epic item rewards (purple equipment, including professional suits), but more importantly, let team members experience the joy of teamwork and pride and pride.

    Copy description
    Molten Heart is the most advanced Raid copy in Chinese WOW1.5.2. It requires 40 people to work together. Any one of the mobs has the strength to surpass the ordinary copy BOSS. The BOSS in the game is stronger than one. Almost every level requires the cooperation and effort of the entire team.

    Located in the depths of the Blackrock Depths in the Black Rock Mountain at the junction of the Searing Gorge of the Eastern Kingdom and the Burning Plains, the Black Iron Seven Hyun Hall (the tomb of the Summoner) and the lecture hall are a green copy door with fire elements. After completing the entrance task, you can transfer directly from the NPC at the bottom of Blackrock Mountain.

    Here is the nest of the elemental lord Ragnaros, summoned by the Black Iron Dwarf. Molten Core is at the bottom of the Blackrock Depths. This is the center of Blackrock Mountain, and the place where the war of the dwarves was reversed a long time ago. Sorensen the Great, the king of the elemental flame, Ragnaros summoned to the world. Although the King of Fire can't stay away from the Molten Core, it is believed that his elemental minions control the Black Iron Dwarf and form an army outside the ruins. The burning lake of Ragnaros has a crack that connects the fire plane, allowing evil elements to pass. The primary agent of Ragnaros is the manager of Exotus - because this is the only thing that can awaken the king of fire. Classic WOW Gold can make you become more energy-efficient, and now you can enjoy a very low price.

    Magma giant
    Background: This giant is in pairs. Their uniqueness is that they won't refresh again in a Raid event. This giant has a very high HP value and is a very difficult monster to deal with. Attack: Repelling a single target is the trick it uses on the tank, and this attack also reduces the hate value of the tank. In addition to applying 600-800 attacks to the tank, it will also step on and attack multiple targets.
    Strategy: The strategy to deal with them is very concise. It is very dangerous once the monster enters the camp and begins to attack non-tank characters. So bring them outside the camp, assign a tank and equip him with two healers, and the tank will lead one as far as possible. The Raid team will focus on the other one, once the monster dies and then deal with it. The one left. Dealing with giants should focus on slowing down the player and cleaning up the area step by step. They are common high blood monsters that need to be cleaned first.

    Flame lord
    Attack: This monster has multiple attacks. It imposes a relatively weak attack on the tank and deals 500 ignition damage to most people. However, it is capable of Debuff players causing the fire damage to increase by XXX points. It can also apply 4000 points of continuous damage to a single target, that is, 250 fire damage per second and a silent state. The last special skill of the Flame Lord is Raid's disaster star. It will summon a lava monster on a regular basis. This kind of monster will attack 600 damage on a single target. If it is long enough, it will split into 2, then 2 and 4 and so on. The difficulty of this kind of copy is far from the average player can accept, the boss level is also very rare in the game, it is recommended that ordinary players try not to participate, or wait for themselves to become stronger and then participate, in this In the process, players can use WOW Classic Power Leveling to help them quickly upgrade their level.