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    "Teda Hill" is derived from the night elf language, which means "the crown of the earth." This small island floating in the foggy sea, always covered with purple gauze, is almost isolated from the world, and the proud elves still live here, continuing the ancient and mysterious civilization. Looking up at the sky, even the sun is showing a fascinating purple. The taller canopy became a vague shadow, immersed in this purple brilliance.
    The trees in the Shadow Valley have the same purple branches as the sky, and even the leaves are green and mostly red and purple. On the ground, there is a spread of green, straight flowers in the grass or blushing or faint purple flowers, flakes sprouting, wild boars, black panthers come and go, showing a very harmonious scene. Looking from afar, the purple mist painted the hills and the jungle, and wrapped a piece of amber.
    The architectural style of the elves has always been similar, and Odashi is no exception. Houses are not built with trees, but rely on living trees. The light white staircase spirals up to the top floor, and the edges are lined with the same floating clouds as the roof. Under the strong shade, the purple cornice is full of classical charm. A few low-sized twigs are sparse, surrounded by silver-blue balls, and what kind of race can make such a delicate and natural street lamp? Using World of Warcraft in Vanilla WOW Gold May 1 can help you win, World of Warcraft Classic Gold's role is more than that, more features waiting for netizens to dig.

    In the southeast of Shadow Valley, the once tranquilized Xingfeng Village has now become the nest of the bear monster. However, it is still beautiful and not lost. The pavilion in the middle of the village is still bathed in the eternal moonlight. The branches and leaves of the trees penetrate from the roof and silently tell the fairy tale of life.
    Where there are elves inhabited, there must be a moon well. In the moon well of Dolanal, the clear blue light floats and floats, like a light smoke. The trees surround the entire village and are guarded by the Darnassus guards, which are peaceful and peaceful.
    After the village, the lake of Oramis is swaying, and the silver-like light of the snow changes with the wave and valley in the water, and the light and pulsating is like a naughty child. Although the water is clear, it is too deep to see the bottom of the lake. On the other side, the plain is still.
    Along the northern path, the end is the Hellstone. The hole is very incongruous with the surrounding ground, and the clumping bushes add a strange feeling. There is a twisted statue in the hole, only the strange mushroom and the inferior demon that describes the twist still live in the hole.
    The scenery of the Benny Hill Valley is no more common on the island. The old trees are towering, the flowers and plants are everywhere, and the purple mist is filled. Few travelers have horseshoes to get involved here, the original imprints are everywhere, and only the uncut mountains know their charm.

    The Spine Fort is located in the southerly, the southwestern edge of the crown of the earth. The tall shingling barriers also seem to be living woods, with the lines that only belong to them, and the undulating upper edge cuts a string of lace from the sky and the tree shadows.
    The groves of the shrines are obviously dense and taller and taller. Purple will never dissipate, it gently holds every leaf. Without the sun, there will naturally be no shadows. The only shadow is only the shadow of the tree hidden in the fog. This picture has a depth of depth, as if to absorb all the eyes.
    The waterfall at the mouth of the Yongquan River splashes with a slight purple-red flower, and the Qingying is like a jade. The twisted roots on the ground are clearly visible, and the thickness is different, which is full of all the surface space.
    On the road leading to Darnassus, a small cottage quietly opened the door and lay on the grass. Not all elves like the city, even though they are their own city of nature. Now, Buy WOW Classic Gold can not only enjoy the very low price but also fast delivery online, and it can reach the players' accounts in a short time, making the game more enjoyable.

    The small fishing village of Rutherland is the only port of contact with Teldashir. The trees here are amazingly growing, the mains are coiled, twisted into a suspended bridge, and countless thick branches have been deeply explored into the mud of the beach shoal. The pier floating on the sea, silently receiving people from the south to the north.
    Looking at the distant foggy sea, the water and the sky meet at nowhere is the person who cuts, and a deep blue straight line unfolds. The sky finally showed a normal blue, but it was still stained with a few purple clouds. The color of Tedashir is purple, just like the night elves here, noble, elegant and mysterious.
    Recently, Teldasil has gradually been overshadowed by the shadows. Due to the pollution of the Emerald Dream by the ancient gods, the tree of the world was gradually corrupted by dreams. Numerous druids were trapped in the dream, and Vandal called for the rest of the still awakened Druid to handle the matter.