World of Warcraft classic:Demon Hunter skills

  • World of Warcraft classic:Demon Hunter skills


    Basic skills
    Devil's bite, 250% WD physical damage.
    DH's regular anger skills, no cd, and low damage.
    Chaos hit, 200% of the main hand + 450% of the deputy WD's chaotic damage.
    DH's routine venting skills, good damage, will return the anger consumed in the case of crit. DH heap crit will have considerable gains.

    Other output

    Magic Eye, 1530% AP Chaos Damage, 20m Distance, 45s CD
    The core of the DH core, it can be said that the output DH has all the reasons for existence.
    The ultra-high damage output requires only 2 seconds of boot time. Both the single output and the AOE output must be used as the highest priority skill to move during the boot process, but can be turned. Note that the damage range is a straight line, not a fan
    Demon deformation, 200% AP chaos damage
    Up to 5 minutes of explosive skills, DH iconic big move to become a demon. Dramatically attacked and chaotic dance
    40 meters cast distance, in addition to injury and fainting, can also be used as close-up, but the range of landing is only 8 meters
    Destruction (replaces chaos), 300% of the main hand + 950% of the deputy WD's chaotic damage
    Significantly enhanced damage, anger consumption and crit return anger did not change. And become an AOE skill. Whether it is a single output or AOE output is very impressive
    Death sweep (replaces the sword dance), 1300% WD physical damage
    Significantly strengthen the damage, other effects such as dodge, anger consumption, etc. have not changed. But cd is slightly longer
    AOE output
    Blade Dance, 600% WD Physical Damage. 8s CD
    Fight all nearby enemies and increase your dodge by 100% for 1s
    Throwing blade, 350% WD physical damage, 30m distance, 10s CD no consumption
    Because it is a remote skill, and can eject three targets, it can be used as an AOE skill and a pull monster.
    Chaos Nova, 267% AP Chaos Damage, 1min CD
    Coma around the enemy for 5 seconds and cause chaos damage.
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    other skills

    Devouring magic, 20 meters distance, 20s CD
    Interrupting skills, it is worth mentioning that if you interrupt successfully, you can recover your anger.
    Fel Spurs, 210% AP Chaos Damage, 10s CD
    Sprint 15 meters ahead and burn enemies on the path
    Revenge Avoidance, 100% WD Physical Damage, 25s CD
    Attacks enemies causing physical damage and jumping backwards, slowing the enemy by 70% for 3s
    Shadow, 1min CD
    Dodge increases by 50%, damage reduced by 35% for 10s
    Broken soul, passive
    After killing the target of the monster or honor value of the experience value, there is a chance to leave a piece of soul. Close to Soul Shards can heal 25% of your total health. If it is the Devil's Soul Shard, it also increases the damage you deal by 20% for 15 sec.