Anti-slip Decorative Glass

  • Our new kind of anti slip glass, that could be processed by acid etching, the components of this glass are eradicated to various depths that has a controlled process, which give the glass that the slide resistance to drift on. The surface are lasting and gripy, not like executing paints, coatings or appliques which are vulnerable to flaking or chipping . Anyway, the exceptional mixture of opacity and transparency supplies for full privacy, when making it possible for for outstanding light transmission.

    State-of-the-art elements of wire glass price:

    Superior slip resistance, excellent layout

    Steady acid-etched total, grippy and draining

    A lot more durable than employed coatings

    Superior immunity to surface contamination from oils, grime, chemical compounds, fluids, meals.

    The brand new non glass for flooring, stairtreads and pavements reaches to unite sophistication and safety, enabling its use in all kinds of locations, for each interiror and outdoor layout.

    We're anti-slip glass supplier China, our ultra sizeable anti-slip glass is very famous in worldwide marketplace.