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  • Wellness Ketoz Cora Sager noted that there is no good food and bad food, but only good and bad diets. "Moderation, variety, and balance are the keys to Wellness," she added. Moderation is eating the right serving portion; variety is painting the plate with fruits and vegetables; and balance is more water, and less - sugar salt and fat.is kitty putting on too much weight? If so, she needs to slim down because Wellness Ketoz excessive body weight can put pressure on her joints and cause Joint Pain. Put less food on her feeder but do so gradually, not suddenly.If your dog's arthritis pain is caused by wearing of the cartilage between bones, then you'll want to start supplementing with glucosamine as soon as possible. You'll need to give this supplement for the rest of your dog's life since your pet's body is no longer providing the needed levels of glucosamine.Some people have felt bad for so long they think it is normal. They have forgotten how "good" actually feels. Make it a priority to do a colon cleanse. It doesn't take long and can actually be fun. The benefits are many. This article just touches on the many positive effects a person can experience.