Source of shaman

  • Source of shaman

        Source and its evolution
        In the current written records, Shamanism may arise independently from the native orc tribe of Draenor, the fallen draenei Esso (the Broken), the Amazing Dwarf Dwarf, Kalimdor. The Tauren, the Panda of Pandaria, and the Troll tribes scattered throughout the country, and extended to the Goblin. Out of worship and awe of elements, ancestors, nature, and animal gods, some wise men have realized how to communicate with these noble primitive beliefs and need help, thus forming shamanism; these wise men become the first shamans. .

        Since shamanism is equivalent to “state religion” among the orcs, the first shaman was in a leading position among the orcs, or became the most powerful staff of the clan chiefs, or directly led a clan. Although the shaman at this time was very influential among the orcs, it did not make the whole orc formed a close-knit race, thus leaving hidden dangers for the shackles of Gul'dan and his warlocks.

        Blizzard did not mention too many books on the formation of the shamanistic beliefs of the Wildhammer Dwarf, but it can be guessed that the reason for this belief is because of the special geographical location of the Eagle Nest: surrounded by mountains, biodiversity High, natural environment is superior, and the wild hammer dwarf who loves nature naturally produces the affinity for nature and elements. Similarly, the Mulgore grasslands inhabited by the Tauren are equally temperate, and the Tauren also have a tradition of worshipping ancestors and Mother Earth. Some racial habits similar to the Draenor Orcs should be the source of their shamanic beliefs.

        The troll races scattered throughout the planet have a tradition of studying voodooism and worshiping animal gods in the early days of the troll empire. Although some of them may not seem evil, it is still speculated that the trolls have shamans. the reason. As for the Panda people of Pandaria, the shamanistic beliefs should also originate from their special geographical structure. But the four gods that mainly affected Pandaria were served by the monks, and there seemed to be no direct connection between the shamanism and the four gods.

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        The draenei master of shamanism is derived from the broken leader, Nobundon. The draenei, who almost lost himself, listened to the elemental response in the process of unwillingness, so he led some of the broken pieces of hope to receive the gift and gave it to other undecided virtues. Lenny. As for the goblin... We can only guess that the volcanic eruption on Kozan Island caused some of the goblins to lose their faith in money and machinery, and turned to the ring of the earth under the leadership of Thrall, who has been here.

        A more representative example of this should be a goblin shaman named "Golden Block" that players often come into contact with during the Cataclysm mission line. During Gul'dan and his Shadow Council gradually mastered the tribal powers, he staged a good show, which in turn forced all the shamans to abandon the shamanism and turn into a servant of demons and fels. Only a few shamans with firm positions The priest escaped. This made the shamanism's strength severely weakened, and even once it was close to losing. The revival of Shamanism benefited from the establishment of a new tribe.

        As the new leader of the Horde, Thrall is also a shaman of the pro-passage of the Derek Tal, the elder of the Frostwolf clan. Knowing the evil of the demon spell, he vigorously revitalized the shamanism within the new tribe, and the orcs began to study this ancient tradition, and the shaman also restored his former lofty status. The trolls improved the shamanism based on the traditional voodoo and formed a relatively independent shamanism. Shamanism emphasizes the balance of elements, and the attitude toward elements is “request” rather than “requirement”. Although the shamans themselves admire peace, in the war-torn Azeroth, this goal is far from reach. In order to defend their faith, the shamans became a member of the war and carefully manipulated the power of the violent elements. All shamans are members of the "Round of the Earth", a neutral organization that aims to calm the elements of the war-torn Azeroth.