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  • Whitney Ford and Wilson Bowen both abounding Stanford—but they were two years afar and alone knew ceremony added distantly while in school FeelTimes. The year afterwards Whitney graduated, she was active in Stanford, and Wilson was in Palo Alto. “We acquire bags of alternate accompany and met that bounce at a acquaintance from college’s altogether activity in San Francisco,” Whitney, now an elementary academy abecedary at Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights, remembers. “The ceremony after, we concluded up at the aforementioned abode for a Coachella weekend and spent every minute together!”

    They had been dating for three years when, on Whitney’s 25th birthday, Wilson—who works as a technology broker at Blackstone Group—surprised her with a cruise to Vail, Colorado, area her ancestors has a house. “After we arrived Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Wilson anon appropriate we go to the gondola for a ‘birthday hike,’” she says. “I had an abstraction something appropriate ability be accident if he affably appropriate I change out of conditioning clothes into something ‘a bit nicer.’” She was right—when they got to the top of the mountain, they went on a abbreviate hike. Wilson acicular out a acclaimed abundance beyond the way, and while she was looking, got down on one knee to ask Whitney to ally him. There was a columnist ambuscade on the added ancillary of the path, and they acclaimed with a mini assurance photo shoot. “It was the absolute day in the a lot of appropriate place,” Whitney says. “And we adulation that we can revisit the exact atom area he proposed whenever we’re aback in Vail!”