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  • A brace from Kalamazoo, Michigan, fabricated actually a political account with the affair of their contempo nuptials. Their marriage hashtag? Helpmate Audra Johnson wore a apparent white marriage clothes for the ceremony, but afresh afflicted into a Prom Dresses that actually angry alive for her marriage photos. It was busy with sparkly red book down the front, spelling out President Trump's acclaimed attack slogan: Accomplish America Abundant Again. The brim of the fishtail dress artlessly said "TRUMP."

    While Johnson wore the red and white, her bridesmaids wore the blue. The helpmate told CBS Account the Fourth of July marriage was originally just traveling to be patriotic-themed, until she accomplished out to dress artist Andre Soriano.Soriano, a allegiant Trump supporter, generally sports a MAGA hat and creates red-white-and-blue garments, including "Make American Abundant Again" and "Trump 2020" FeelTimes.com. Two artists wore Soriano's creations to this year's Grammy Awards — and afresh Johnson absitively to abrasion one for her wedding. Johnson and her accompany catholic to Washington, D.C. to accommodated with Soriano about the dress design. "It took four canicule of him accomplishing abstracts and putting the dress together," Johnson told CBS News. "But it was amazing. Him and his bedmate are fabulous."