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  • Scheier, a Livingston resident, founded Runway of Dreams in 2014 afterwards aggravating and declining to acquisition adaptive fashions for her son, Oliver, who aswell has able-bodied dystrophy."Clothing has a absolute appulse on who we are as people, as animal beings," said Scheier. "Our aplomb level. Our self-esteem Feeltimes. If we don't accept options, like my son did not accept and Victoria did not have, she was about beggared of this anniversary in her life."

    Thursday morning, Victoria Rossi was assertive to accomplish a Hollywood-style access to her chief brawl that night, agitation a custom-made, bright-red dress aggressive by the one Julia Roberts wore in the blur "Pretty Woman."

    The adapted "adaptive" dress is the aftereffect of a atypical couture affiliation facilitated by the Runway of Dreams Foundation, which akin Victoria with addition top academy girl, whose senior-project ambition was to architecture fashions for those who charge it most Homecoming Dresses.The affiliation aswell ancient a new accord amid her designer, Kylie McRobie of Scarsdale, New York, and Victoria, who has able-bodied dystrophy and requires a wheelchair for mobility."I never anticipation it would be custom-made, absolutely the bolt I wanted, and would get to accept every allotment of the process," Victoria said of the "adaptive" clothes Kylie fabricated for her. "I adulation it.""The accomplished architecture was her idea," said Kylie, who aswell fabricated the dress she wore to her own contempo prom.