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    As the 2019 brawl dress affairs division continues, Break Brands, LLC, releases the third 2019 affair of Pulse of Brawl to highlight bounded brawl division online sales trends. For the brawl 2019 season, chief brawl sales represent 57% of absolute brawl sales, while inferior Wedding Dresses purchases anniversary for 43% of brawl sales. Nationwide, trends arise abiding with the bigger aberration in the Northeast. Regionally, the South accounts for the bigger aggregate of brawl dress sales at 31%, but the Midwest and Northeast are not far abaft with 28% and 25% of all brawl dress sales, respectively. The West and Pacific (HI, AK) represent a accumulated 16% of brawl sales. Nationwide, 89% of absolute brawl dress sales were for dresses priced beneath $300, with alone slight variations by region. Accepted dresses abound with the top 20 styles awash in anniversary arena apery a cogent bulk of sales. For example, the top 20 styles awash in the Midwest represents 15% of sales in that region, 14% in the South, 13% in the Northeast, and 15% in the West. These top-selling styles appearance a able (100%) alternative for continued dresses. There are slight variations by arena in top blush and appearance preferences.