The road to exile: small island, huge difference

  • If the "path of exile" is only a clone of Diablo III, it will not be welcomed by so many fans. There is no such special player base for this type. What makes the free game gem of Grinding Gear Games not only different from Blizzard's dungeon crawler and hacker and slash action RPG? What is the intrinsic quality of the game that makes gamers prefer it and turn it into your unique and highly loved game, now what is it?

    Where does the similarity end?
    Considering that comparing with another game may be POE Trade an undesired start because many gamers still don't know what is the path of exile, even though it has been six years. If you are one, here is a moment of ruin: the road to exile is usually a hacker attacking the dungeon's exile, your role in the seven exiles is unceremoniously thrown into the Wraeclast of Hawaii, a dark, The ominous power enveloped. Each exile represents a selected class - the predator, the ranger, the witch, the duelist, the shadow, the templar, and the scion.

    This may look like a standard Western RPG fare, it could be, but it's unique, and soon you'll get its complex and rich progress and customization mechanisms. Please note that if we speak of a mechanic, there are not only two features that allow you to get the power you need for your character.

    Gems, sockets, and trees
    Initially, these may be skill gems. Unlike the RPGs inherent in other skill classes, by getting the points you get from upgrading and unlocking the prerequisite skills, in PoE, you get them by inserting the skill gems into the color gear sockets. The player must also match the prerequisite stats for the skill gems to use that skill. There are also support skill gems that replace the skill gems in POE Exalted Orb the link socket directly with them.

    To help players create more unique gear arrangements, PoE has a sphere. The game uses a gold-free economy, so for PoE currency players to use the orb, in addition to the currency value of the NPC and the PoE trading community, you can also modify gear attributes such as affixes, socket colors and links, and layers.