Exile patch path 1.19 released

  • The path to Exile's patch 1.19 has been released, yes, it provides some bug fixes and minor visual changes. In addition to the main content updated four times a year, these smaller patches often make up for and improve small specific things. If you have encountered some problems, maybe these patch instructions can help you solve the problem.

    The damage caused by the ground effect over some time in the Atziri trio encounter is more visible.
    At the time of the activity, the blood standing position does not permanently affect other glowing buff effects.
    Updated the sacred model to POE Currency restore symmetry.
    Updated the savior armor suit, the armor suit, the dragon armor suit, the fairy armor suit, and the visual effects in the sin and innocence armor set to be closer to the original visual effect.
    Adjusted the volume of the celestial lightning.
    Fixed an error that the corpse of the cemetery boss is likely to be destroyed. This prevents the completion of the encounter.
    Fixed an error when you killed a unique monster, or if the monster was destroyed while dying, or your monster was killed by time damage, then the speed and attack speed granted by Bane of Legends was not granted. .
    Fixed a bug in which banner skills were not counted as "halo" because of your unwavering belief in passive life regeneration.
    Fixed an asynchronous error when walking in NPC while using Phasing.
    Fixed an error in using the celestial rain arrow to launch a green arrow after the phantom shooter.
    Fixed an uncommon error that could cause the client to Buy POE Currency fall into a non-interactive state during login to prevent system problems.
    Fixed a sample crash that might occur when using Provide Skills.

    The road to exile is usually a game that I often pay attention to throughout the year. For a liberation game and slash that can be easily accessed from my PS4 and DualShock 4, it has its unique style. There are some major changes to the main content every 3 months, while adding more content. This is not for everyone, but if you find yourself wanting to delve into some dungeons and collect endless loot, try it.