Final Fantasy XIV newbie? We asked the two old players about th

  • Infatuation with MMO, rebirth

    One thing I have learned about games over the past few years is Final Fantasy XIV: it has amazing qualities in many games. It used to be the worst mainline champion in the series, but they have now evolved into what many people think is the best MMO. I always stumbled upon people's love for bingo.

    For a long time, I used the monthly subscription fee as a threshold to start the game. After 12 months of World of Warcraft, I found that when there are so many free options or games that only charge once, I don't have to pay a subscription fee every month to enjoy a good MMO. But the call of Final Fantasy XIV is strong, and with the launch of Shadow Bragg, its impact is too big to Buy FFXIV Gil be ignored. I got the full version last week and are ready to start my journey, no matter where the game is and when.

    Of course, I don't want to start a game tour blindly, so I asked two experienced FFXIV players on Destructoid - I prepared some questions in advance, I hope these answers can help me, I hope other new players can also pass me. The summary is to get help.

    You can start the game right away. What are the most important things people should know when they start the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? I believe that FF14 Gil many players are as curious as I am.

    Follow me, I will post the rest of the content tomorrow.