The next expansion of the road to exile is scheduled for Septem

  • Following the huge road of exile 3.7.0 - - Updating it like the developer Grinding Gear Games' recent goal is about the next expansion of the free RPG. In the update of the game website, the studio has released some news, and there is a 3.8.0 update in progress.

    The update may also add "some of the system changes we've prepared before (this should improve some areas of feedback (non-transactions) that the community provides us) as well as many types of commonly used new projects, prototypes, gems, and your expansion of the road to exile. Expectations and so on."

    While there should be Buy POE Orbs more information when the studio officially announces its expansion in August, players are expecting to see great adjustments, improvements and exciting new content in the game. From this short time, it seems that 3.8.0 is not as big as the Legion, it introduces a new challenge alliance, a melee combat overhaul, and even more.

    However, before the expected 4.0 expansion, it needs to add some clever things - Grinding Gears studio director Chris Wilson said: "We are planning to POE Trade take Diablo 4, for us."

    The 3.8.0 update includes a tentative release date of September 6, but the studio said: "Remember, all of these dates may change, even though we will continue to release updated content, but this is not a very accurate time. "It makes sense, considering the fact that Wilson had said before that he would not run his studio in a tight situation, which means "some game improvements take a while to complete."

    Grinding Gears said that the Legion Alliance is expected to hit the PC on September 2.