Should you buy YouTube Views in 2020?

  • In this age, the most important factor in people's life is their social presence or rather said "social media" presence. People use different social media platforms for different uses, but knowing how to use them in your favour such that they facilitate financial growth is the ultimate skill. It's a skill that doesn't require a degree to be regarded as relevant and thus is easily accessible.

    YouTube is a platform on which a person can promote his business, showcase his talents and skills be it related to any field, share his ideas, and do anything as long as it follows the guidelines issued by the platform. You just need to have a video with relevant content and great aesthetics.

    But being on YouTube and earning benefits out of it are two different things. YouTube is a platform that has so much reach and accessibility that you can find hundreds of videos on the same topic belonging to the same field. Even if you specify the tiniest detail, you can find many videos.

    For you to earn benefits out of your channel and content, you need to garner attention and attract people to watch your content. Now, you may promote your content using mouth publicity among your colleagues, friends, and family but a mere 50-60 views or subscribers aren't able to make your venture a huge success.

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    So a thing that you can do is buy views and subscribers for your channel from authentic and legitimate sources. What they do is provide you with subscribers and viewers for your content. What happens when you have these views is that your channel's or video's rank increases which lead to your content appearing on top of the search bar and people's timeline.

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    Also, your reach increases thus garnering more views. The thing that happens is that your content appears to be relevant and authentic and thus more people watch it giving you benefits out of it. Doing this also helps you target your audience.

    As we all know, not everyone watches everything, every person has a different field of interest so if a person that does not have any interest in your content watches it, he may leave the video mid-way which imbalances the views to likes balance that ultimately leads to your video appearing irrelevant or fake. That's why it's of great importance to target your audience.

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    But what needs to be always kept in mind is to buy these views and subscribers only from legitimate sources. Avoid redirects and pop-ups as it may lead to your channel being suspended. Also, sometimes the views they provide aren't converted into likes which hinders the aesthetics of your channel making it look irrelevant. Research vigorously and properly before venturing into this to be on the safe side of the equation.

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    With all the safety checks done, this trick is the key to make your channel a success, ultimately causing you many things including social appreciation and personal growth.

    Watching videos is never a hardship. Full box of entertainment. Every face genre is depicted in a single channel. Yes, I'm talking about YouTube. A hub for watching videos. Related to dance, comedy, music, series, cooking, fitness, and tutorials. It's common to watch YouTube and get solutions to every problem. Some people follow specific channels, influencers or opt for high rated video. But there are exceptions to this as well.

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    Some look for useful content that can actually work on solving the issue. It has affected people economically too. Fitness tutorials help to work out with easily available equipment or even optional. Youtube is full of tutorials on fitness whether on yoga or gyming. Not only fitness but youtube is also famous as a cooking saviour.

    Yes, it works as a team player for people who have never visited the kitchen. It's even a hero for school going children for homework. It plays a vital role in every age group. It's not a one-time watch channel. It allows you to download videos, subscribe to a channel, and also provide recommendations.

    Till now we have talked about being influenced. Let's explore the other side of it. How to be an influencer. Reaching out with thoughts and talents is a bigger task. It requires more hard work and out of the box ideas to make people follow you. No channel on YouTube was on the height on the day of birth.

    Views and subscription play a crucial role. It helps to make your channel popular. Having a thought being a viewer we too opt for videos that have more viewers and subscribers. A subscription helps to get the notifications of the channel. Initially, it's hard to promote. On prime stage, channels may ask for investment in the face of views and subscription.

    Youtuber can purchase views and subscribers to be popular. It helps to bring your content on the front page from last. As no one looks at the last page videos. Numerous videos are uploaded on an hourly basis. But does every video get the same attention? No right. In today's time of social media. Promotion is easier. Promotion campaigns can be held with the help of Facebook, Instagram and many more. It is important to attract organic or authentic audiences for your channel. Because getting popularity comes with important tacks. The ranking is also a feature provided with views and subscription. It works like salt for your YouTube channel.

    Promotion, authentic audience, being popular, ranking is all steps of a ladder to make your channel a success. Life is not a bed of roses. Similarly, everything you do requires 100% of you. From starting a channel to successfully operating, there are various things in between to work upon. It is important to invest through legal options, avoiding future hassles. Most trustworthy form of purchase is through google or YouTube itself. It helps to build genuine viewers. Starting something is easy, what takes most of your time is promotion and marketing. How to make the world aware of your ideas. Because what is seen, is what is sold.