Youtube Subscribers

  • Firstly, talking about the youtube, it's the American online video sharing platform headquartered in California. It was created in the year 2005 and was bought by Google in 2006 for the US $ 1.65 million for the now operated as one of the google's subsidiaries. And it's second most used search engine.


    Talking about the Youtube ( check here ) channel is like having your own homepage on YouTube, is where you can organize the video content, share links, share your own videos, share advertisements for your audience. Owning a YouTube ( click here ) channel is 100% free of cost and those are known as YouTubers. Being a Youtuber doesn't need any degree or higher study, the only thing required is few skills to entertain, provide knowledge to the audience in order to improve your views and subscribers ( for more ).


    In order get paid by YouTube ( for more info ) via your videos one must reach $ 100 or more views, that means you need to garner 20,000 views, you receive $ 5 per 1000 views. To become a successful YouTuber, to earn through your youtube ( for more information ) channel have to improve your subscribers.


    Role of YouTube subscribers:

    A YouTube subscriber (read more) is someone who chosen you and your channel to follow so that they can stay tuned and updated with your latest videos. They are the backbone of a YouTube (read here) channel and the way to become a successful YouTuber because they watch, comment and like your videos. If you want massive views, exposure and targeted traffic offered by YouTube, you need to first focus on your audience or called as YouTube subscribers (visit for more). More the subscribers more successful you are and more you earn as it improves your views. Since, your subscribers (more details) are directly proportional to the views.


    Here are few simple and highly effective tips to improve your youtube subscribers (more information). But before moving towards those tips you should be aware of these 3 principles:


    1. Be Compatible:
    The "one-done approach doesn't work if you want your views and subscribers to i.e., once you are done with 1-3 videos don't stop, be consistent, update your channels and come up with new videos frequently.


    2. Provide value:
    Don't get surprised for your failure with respect to views and subscribers (further details) if your video fails to deliver the appropriate content at the end of the day. Try to give your best content in a very beautiful manner, for that you have to update your self continuously


    3. Be exceptional:
    In order to be so, your video should not be the limit of your tips and contents, just posting videos weekly only doesn't work. You have to use your "right-brain" in all aspects and try to be some extraordinary case. If you bring these above principles into practice, will surely give you a visible result in your subscribers (get more info), views, likes and comments.


    Moving towards the tips...
    #1 Ask to subscribe:
    Don't be in an illusion that your viewers know your expectations after every video. Every time before you start or at the end, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channels in an effective manner.


    This is the simplest way to improve your subscribers (find out more).
    ● Tell them what to do
    ● Tell them how to do
    ● Tell them why to do so


    #2 Collaborate with other featured channels: Another strategy to increase and scoop up your subscribers (further more details) is to partner with other YouTubers - Directly on your youtube channel, there is an option to add other "featured channels" you are free to choose the Youtube channels. When you get with another youtube channel you will get a new audience and you can expect improvement in your views, comments, likes and subscribers as well in a very short period of time. To do soo you have just asked the respective YouTuber for the collaboration in a very polite and humble manner


    #3 To interact consistently: Like you, the days pass you may get introduced so many skills and will also notice one thing that youtube is not only about sharing your own content but also to support other new members in your community, by commenting on their videos, like, share. This will help to improve your subscribers. Take a few minutes in everyday schedule and watch other YouTubers content, leave a genuine comment. The more you give, the more get.


    #4 Creating some interesting offers for your subscribers:


    Lastly, the most simple and favourite strategy of all Yofavouriteo build their subscribers is to come up with exciting offers for your subscribers. Post your idea on public, via Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Here is a step by step process to make some unique and magical strategy and also to have fun with your subscribers.


    Step1: Identify your current subscribers, suppose 2000
    Step2: Identify your subscriber goal (e.g. 1000)
    Step3: Challenge your subscribers to achieve your goal, with a free giveaway, shave your head, do a crazy dance video etc.


    To do so tell them to ask their friends to subscribe the channel the winner will be the one with more recommendations, and also there are many other ways to do this fun and unique strategy this will create an exciting bond between you exit our subscriber. Following these few steps will help a YouTuber a lot with their subscribe. When you share your goals with your subscribers they will jump to support you, so be humble, kind and natural with them.