The first detail shows 'Scalebreaker' Dungeon DLC

  • The first detail shows 'Scalebreaker' Dungeon DLC and Update 23 in 'Elder Scrolls Online' arriving August this season

    Last month in Los Angeles, E3 2019, CA Zenimax Online and Bethesda announced at their annual press conference that Scalebreaker and Dragonhold were a final two DLC content of Elder Scrolls Online in 2019. These releases ESO Gold will finish the Dragon in the Dragon storyline, which began In 2010 at Wrathstone and it is highlighted in Elsweyr. The first with the two, Scalebreaker, will contain two PvE dungeons in Q3, and Dragonhold would have been a larger narrative version inside the fourth quarter.

    Today, Zenimax reveals the initial detail about Scalebreaker and accompanying update 23. Both will likely be released in August this coming year. Scalebreaker introduced two new PvE dungeons - Moongrave Fane and Maarselok's Lair - to look around the consequences on the Elsweyr story conclusion.

    The following is really a description of every dungeon:

    Moongrave Fane

    Deep inside the ancient Moongrave Fane ruins, former individuals Dragonguard with his fantastic Hollowfang Clan companions are actually cut down and captured a dragon. However, they need to do more than just destroy Cheap ESO Gold the humble beasts, considering that the clan prepares a ritual to take its Blood dragon and gain its terrible power!

    Maarselok's lair

    The Elven Root Tree in Grahtwood is threatened by death and corruption in the nearby Tenmar jungle and Maarselok's lair. The protectors of Littlewood have tried and failed to destroy the dragon in the war center, so there was clearly a truce involved the forest With your help, they have to try to save the Elden Root tree prior to a corruption spreads.