The success of Naoki Yoshida and Final Fantasy XIV, a reinventi

  • The game faces a new phase with Shadowbringers, adding more than 16 million registered players and plans to expand more in the future. Sales of Final Fantasy XIV Gil are also on the rise and a reflection of the success of Final Fantasy XIV.

    Final Fantasy XIV has now become one of the biggest successes of the MMORPG type, although it is close to exiting the market when Square Enix does not seem to touch the key. Naoki Yoshida regains the title of A Real Reborn and Stormblood, but now he is facing his most personal challenge, Shadowbringers, which he considers to be the complete expansion.

    Before the Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida did not face the MMO. At the age of 46, it also has known as Yoshi-P, which has produced for more than 20 years, including card games on arcade games like Dragon Quest: Monster Fighting Road. Most people have in common, even though he has executed more people in Dragon Quest Builders, they are often considered successful by critics and salespeople.

    But for Final Fantasy XIV Online, it's different: it has no reference. What they do is references such as Ultima Online, EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot and the incombustible World of Warcraft. It's also a team that is willing to take the helm and turn to one hundred and eighty degrees, an ordago: to provide everything for a new idea. Final Fantasy XIV version 5.3 is expected to release in the coming months, and this month's purchase of FFXIV Gil at MMOAH should be the most significant discount before the new release.