Path of Exile will bring new Orbs to the "Poison Killer"

  • The RPG Path of Exile developers has released a new video and article on the two skill stones of the Poison Killer prototype, which you can get in the Fel extension. Today, the team introduced gamers to the "poison circle" and "plague carrier."

    This week, on September 6, the cult of RPG Path of Exile will be released. Today, the developer decided to tell us two new POE Currency for the poison killer prototype.

    Poison circle skills can use with paws and daggers. With this skill, characters can throw deadly shurikens that return after reaching the goal, wall, or time. At the same time, there can be as many as 30 flying blades around the hero (due to supporting the stone, it may hurt the enemy twice).

    And the Plague Carrier feature will allow the adventurer to accumulate additional damage and activate the aura on the character that deals damage to the enemy (the more cost you get in passive mode, the more damage the aura causes). In general, most of the old Path of Exile players will choose to Buy POE Items on the website, because it can be obtained quickly, without wasting a lot of time, and the price is within a reasonable range.