Director of FFXIV said in 2010 that "everyone thinks this is th

  • It looks like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is doing very well, and the recent expansion of Shadowbringers has introduced a lot of new content and millions of registered users. However, it seems that one of its developers is a bit worried about its predecessor version, the 2010 Final Fantasy XIV, which may question in the future.

    According to Naoki Yoshida, game director, and producer, he talked about the MMORPG released in 2010 on Gamescom, which was generally negatively accepted at the time of release and was replaced by the current version launched in 2013, the sales situation of FFXIV Gil is also more optimistic.  But Yoshida "In 2010, this title was a huge failure. Everyone thought it was the end of Final Fantasy. They worried about this."

    "The game started was devastating, but that's why the team wants to stand up, talk honestly with the media and players about where they are, make a commitment, and try to keep these promises and show us Integrity."

    Regarding the topic of maintaining momentum as an MMO, Yoshida added that "many MMO games are trying to survive in the market. That is to say, FF14 is growing, and this is rare. It is because the development team paid for the game. All efforts and community support, so no intention to stop."

    It now appears that it is pushing the Final Fantasy XIV to its fullest, and it is "growing" - Yoshida announced another major Final Fantasy XIV update in progress after the release of Shadowbringers in July. On the other hand, if players need to buy the cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you can go to MMOAH to buy, their website is currently the best on the market.