Deadly in Path of Exile Legion: Viper Strike Pathfinder Build

  • The expansion of the Legion has made changes to Path of Exile, the most important of which is an overhaul of melee buildings. It is to make them competitive, which in turn is as cute as those based on spam AOE skills. One of them is the Viper Strike Pathfinder. So get your POE Orbs ready, because it's time to find a way!

    Although traditionally a distance course, Pathfinder can also be used as a melee class due to its excellent offensive, balanced and versatile nature. It also helps Viper Strike to be a reliable DPS and cause a lot of damage over time.

    Now, enter the skill gems! For your core skills, it's a skill of the same name. There are an ancestral summons, melee splashes, deadly diseases, increased chaos, and evil toxin support to get the most primitive damage and damage over time. To further enhance your chances of enemy poisoning, let the horror hurt the Prophet, Pierce and Maim support the gems.

    Another good auxiliary DPS skill is Double Strike for your support gems, placement, faster attacks, withered touches, and increased duration. Finally, there is defense and practicality. The best bet for the former is Arctic armor and ancestor protectors, while the latter uses Summon Lightning Golem to deal damage.

    Next will be the equipment. If you want to get rare stuff, you should use the following slots and bonuses:

        Helmet - Elemental resistance, life, and V snake attack damage.
        Gemini's claws - 200 physical DPS, 20% attack speed, and 60% use of this weapon to cause poison damage more than 100%; it is best to increase the duration of the potion and increase the cost.
        Boots - Life and element resistance, increasing attack, and casting speed.
        Ring - life and element resistance.
        Amulet - life, intelligence, mana, power, accuracy, and physical damage.
        Jewelry - Life, chaos damage, and global accuracy levels.

    Getting these modules is not easy, so either exchanges them for POE Currency Buy or use them on your right gear.

    Finally, but not the least, could be the flask. For this version, you will need these three unique ones: Corralito's signature, Witchfire Brew (exclusive), obtaining the 100% increased evasion rating and Atziri's promise (unique) for massive DPS upgrades and life rafts. As for the other two, there exists a sacred life flask for healing and treating bleeding, and a heated silver flask that may increase the speed of motion, treat cold and freeze.

    Viper Strike Pathfinder is an excellent place to start with the Path of Exile. So if you wish to enjoy the new melee changes, but they're not sure what type to use, this should be the right choice.