Path of Exile: no pressure from the owner - this is the devel

  • Due to their resources and mechanisms, the main task in "Path of Exile" is one of the most important game elements. For example, with Niko, we have access to the precious sulfites needed to explore the Azerite mine. On the other hand, Jun continues to fight Cindy to get their valuable POE Currency and loot. But if you don't log in regularly to start your daily tasks, you may feel that you missed something. Developers want to avoid the upcoming Blight League and Update 3.8.

    In the future, you can save the main task in Path of Exile. Just talk to Masters on the Atlas map. You can easily view protected functions by opening the map book overview, which you can see on the right side of the border. At the same level, you can store from Einhar, Ju&Co. Different value commissions.

    Path of Exile: Blight brings the chance to save the master's mission and cope with them later. On the right fringe of the atlas, you can view the task. Source: GGG So you need not complete a well-maintained Atlas travel mission immediately. The leading daily tasks don't disappear entirely; add these phones your logs. So, if you do not watch the experience for a while, then you've already accumulated the returned tasks after you return. You can also evaluate if you want to buy POE Items depending on your actual situation, which assists you in the experience.

    Developers clearly stated in the official announcement of the significant changes that this revision aims at most players who don't have masters. Anyone who has previously completed a substantial assignment on every possible occasion may be more up-to-date than fewer vital tasks. "For others, it is likely to see more," he added.