The Blight Alliance will introduce tower defense machinery on t

  • Path of Exile is a hugely successful action RPG from New Zealand's Tencent subsidiary Grinding Gear Games. The game is essentially Diablo III that should have offered, offering incredible depth, frequent updates to the league, and irregularly launching interesting new POE Currency acquisition mechanisms and game loops.

    The Legion is the latest Alliance of the Path of Exile, which brings a massive transformation of the melee combat system. It makes the melee build feasible and more exciting, allowing me and others to laugh as we use the map whirlwind. Blight will be used to cover builds focused on creeps, but it also comes with some neat tower defense mechanisms.

    Blight will see the player interact with a new NPC called Sister Cassia, who is working on a strange fungus growth called disease, which is spreading in Wraeclast. The exiles will need to destroy the growth of nearby monsters by using Cassia's device for expelling fungi. The only problem is that nearby monsters won't go down and let you ruin their hegemony.

    It is where the modern tower defense mechanics work. If you've ever played tower defense games, you'll feel right in the home. Each area is experiencing a withering, that could prevent the monster from progressing and causing damage by building a tower. As the exiles progress, the tower may upgrade and quick on-site thinking to guard all lanes and maximize the return of loot.

    By participating in the withering experience, the exiles gain not the only POE Trade and loot, but also special oils that can be combined to increase the attributes of the selected item. Cassia will be able to smear rings and amulets using unique characteristics related to the tower and passive skills. Once you enter the final game, you will begin to encounter broken maps that can be used in map devices and transmitted to the withered arena.

    Are you looking forward to erecting towers, killing monsters, and trying new changes centered around the summoner? The new withered Alliance will be unlocked on the PC on September 6th, followed by the Xbox and PlayStation 4 on September 8th.