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  • First of all, in Path of Exile, you are an exile and try to survive on the dark Wraeclast continent, because you gain strength in battle and let you genuinely revenge those who marry you. Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game set up in Dark Mythology International.

    Give up your darkness to Wraeclast, the brutality of the world, and you play because of the duelist, witch, ranger, templar, predator, shadow or Scion class. From the abandoned coast to the destroyed town of Saar, discover Wraeclast and discover the ancient secrets that await you.

    Create and customize an extensive collection of unique capabilities from tradable POE Orbs and our large passive skill tree. Combine the ability to gemstones, support gems, and trigger gems to create your specific power, protection, and destruction combinations.

    Forgotten masters each have their challenges, and each mission has many versions. As you delve into Wraeclast, the available variant libraries will be added to challenge you in the new approach. All tasks and their translations can be found everywhere in the game, including internal abandonment of sports maps.

    Wild competition game. Fight in the PvP tournament and capture the flag on a global scale. Participate in daily leagues and competitions, and take your ladder and economy as an independent sporting world to win valuable POE Currency and prizes.

    During their large-scale trip during Wraeclast, the forgotten masters have discovered where the exiles best suited as their secret Hideout. Once you have accepted the Master, you will take to Hideout, where you can create your personalized city. The masters living in your hiding place provide you with daily tasks and excellent production options. Use your hiding place as a quiet area to make war, or expand it and use it as a personalized club with hundreds of decorations.