Someone built an incredible Japanese town in their Final Fantas

  • I used to share some of the Miracles of Final Fantasy XIV. The aspect that players create in this vast MMO is something that attracts me endlessly, to where I look for new projects in the housing area. This Nora Rappy from the Carbuncle server is one of the best I have ever seen. The items that are needed to build this house can purchase with FFXIV Gil.

    The whole thing looks like a considerable town in Japan, including outdoor leaves, stools, servers, bars, and even food. The creators walked through the micro-city in the video below; they need to know all the details, and it's worth watching for a short time. I have to emphasize again that although this looks like a village in a Square Enix game, it is indoors and the player places every item. Items that must be purchased, above the price of coveted land and luxury homes: all items pay at Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

    If you are at Carbuncle, you can easily reach this location: jump to Plot 16, 3rd Ward, Shirogane. The owner has allowed everyone to stop and go in!